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From concept to manufacturing, VX CAD-CAM offers an End-to-End solution for industrial designers, tool-makers and manufacturers.

VX Corporation is a pioneering developer of advanced, integrated CADCAM solutions. VX have recently released Version-12 in NZ. Significant advances include exciting new capabilities in mould and industrial design, enhancements in photo-realistic and light-source rendering, raster-to-vector conversion, surface analysis, assembly modeling, drawing layout, and extended capabilities of a fully integrated CAM.

Better Tools for Mold Designers

VX Version-12 introduces a new design-centric, intelligent, parametric mould library that includes a host of powerful mould tools and cooling channel layouts. It is a very intuitive interface, designed by mould designers for mould designers.

VX has kept the sequences and operations as simple and intuitive as possible, so that users don't have to re-learn the software every time they want to use it. Both outer and interior parting faces can be user defined or created automatically. Core and cavity removal is also an automatic process, achieved with just a couple of mouse clicks. And by using the powerful part-line gap analysis, the parting faces of imported files can be checked and healed.

The user can parametrically create inserts, sliders, cooling channels, runners and ejector pins in seconds simplifying and speeding up the design process. There is a new electrode design wizard that automatically creates mould electrodes.

VX FABDesign is a module that adds specialized design and manufacturing routines for sheet metal components and assemblies. The designer can create a feature-based solid model of a sheet metal part in the context of a full 3D assembly, folding and unfolding the entire part or individual bends at will and adding features such as louvers, dimples, flanges, notches and bends to the part in the folded or unfolded state. As the part is designed, bend allowances and relief etc. are automatic created.

Industrial Designers work Faster and Smarter

VX delivers capabilities to the desktop traditionally reserved for the extreme highend enterprise-class systems. The intelligent sketching is second to none. Features such as, class A surface modelling, surface, flow & tool-path analysis, geometry healing, flexible history control, automation templates, and concurrent engineering & manufacturing are but a few of the high end features. VX has simplified complex, resource-intensive tasks and manages 3D models with ease whilst keeping a complete history of revisions.

This is a true hybrid system, providing a seamless union of solid and surface modelling. By enabling users to effortlessly and simultaneously work in both worlds, VX delivers the strengths of each without the drawbacks of either.

Version-12 includes so many user enhancements that only a few can be mentioned here.

A new "Visualise" toolbar has been added with "easyto-use" texture mapping that allows designers the ability to map external image files as textures on 2D or 3D surfaces. A new image-to-geometry (raster to vector) translator allows designers to import pictures and convert them to sketch geometry. A fast new "Inlay" command applies a face inlay based on any wireframe geometry for engraving on solids and surfaces.

Reverse engineering has taken a major step forward with many "Point Cloud" enhancements. 360-degree surfaces are now supported. Multiple planes or surfaces have been added as well as the ability to slice and trim multiple point clouds simultaneously. VX can also sub-divide large STL files to make the data easier to manipulate for reverse engineering and machining.

With new Assembly Light sources, designers can create libraries of lighting fixtures that are inserted and positioned as assembly components as well as new functions for creating assemblies using in-place modeling. VX can automatically extract each shape in a part as a component, turning the original multi-shape part into a multi-component assembly. Enhanced surface merging with better tangency control across boundary edges of merged faces promotes smoother and more ergonomic designs.

VX have also introduced powerful analysis and healing tools for solid models, such as auto gap detection and auto gap fill.

CAM Enhancements

CAM is native to VX CAD/CAM – not an add-on, afterthought, or third-party solution. The CNC machine routines are an integral part of the modelling engine, ensuring 100% synchronization between design and manufacturing. Changes to design geometry on the fly are automatically up-dated in CAM. The VX CAM functions are among the most powerful and accurate and the VX Quick-Mill tool paths provide extraordinarily smooth transitions between surfaces.

There's a new 5-axis iso-cut tool path and side cut depth for the current 5-axis swarf-cut operation. There are numerous enhancements to the CAM including rest milling, individual CAM output files, Fixture Offset Registers, Inter-path Move operations, Profile and Containment preview options, Solid Verify, and support for open surface boundaries and silhouettes in CAM profiles.

Whether you work in industrial design, toolmaking, production machining, manufacturing or aerospace, VX CADCAM provides a full toolbox of drafting, hybrid modelling & assembly, and CAM functions that equal or surpass other high-end systems. And, the cherry on top is the very affordable price.

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