Universal access to robotic automation


Move the robot by hand using the ‘teach’ function to show it the movements it has to make and the robot will remember the movements

Many companies abandoned the idea of automating tasks and processes because traditional robots are too large, expensive, noisy or inflexible. Universal Robots has broken down these barriers.

Universal Robots of Denmark has reinvented the industrial robot. Its modern and flexible industrial robots have opened up new ways to streamline production.

By developing robotic solutions which have the features that only the top 90 percent of robotic applications require and nothing more, the company has produced an extremely cost effective product which can be deployed into a new process in just hours.

Some users are reporting repayment periods of as little as 60 days operation and almost every Universal Robot pays for itself in less than six months, the company says.

Reliability and effectiveness is proven by an impressive lineup of more than 600 companies who have purchased the robots since 2009. It includes BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Samsung, LG and Johnson & Johnson.

Programming is done by sheer intuition – move the robot by hand using the ‘teach’ function and show it the movements it has to make.

The robot will remember the movements and on the supplied touch-sensitive LCD screen programs are previewed and adapted within an easy to read graphic user environment.

This means no more complicated robot languages and screens of codes to interpret or having to depend on programmers to manage the robot.

Every business with repetitive operations in production can get economic benefit from Universal Robots’ products.

If, until now, you believed that your volumes were not high enough to make robotic production feasible then Universal Robots may well provide the solution.

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