Tsubaki and Auckland Bearing Distributors reveal Eco credentials with new roller chain

Tsubaki's new GT4 Winner roller chain is living up to Tsubaki's promise of delivering economical and ecological benefits to its customers.

Tsubaki’s new GT4 Winner roller chain is living up to Tsubaki’s promise of delivering economical and ecological benefits to its customers.

Tsubaki’s new GT4 Winner roller chain is living up to Tsubaki’s promise of delivering economical and ecological benefits to its customers.

The GT4 Winner is a fourth generation BS/DIN Standard power transmission roller chain. A recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) showed that thanks to environmentally aware material sourcing and manufacturing, coupled with extended operational life, GT4 Winner chain generates 66 percent less CO2 than comparable products.

The GT4 Winner chain features many technical innovations which are designed to ensure that the chain runs more smoothly and lasts longer in operation with fewer maintenance requirements. The result of the detailed design work is that, once installed, GT4 Winner chain can last many times longer than traditional chains; ultimately reducing total ownership costs. Its innovative features include:

  1. Lube-grooved (LG) bushes hold oil at the point of contact which provides an internal reservoir for lubricant where the chain needs it most.
  2. Seamless and perfectly cylindrical bushes result in both better contact between the pin and bush and improved lubricant retention.
  3. Centre sink rivets – for easy disassembly – which are designed with markings to identify pin rotations caused by chain overloading.
  4. Ring Coined connection links allow the chain to be specified up to its full kW rating; unlike the typical standard slip-fit connecting links used by competitors which are usually much weaker than the base chain.

It is important to consider the total life costs when specifying components, such as roller chain, which will be subjected to very real wear. A product that is a little cheaper to purchase may require twice the levels of in-service maintenance and still last half the time. GT4 Winner chain has been proven to last longer than any other chain on the market and requires minimal servicing once installed.

Following recent product tests Tsubaki has shown that it is not just costs which are reduced when customers specify GT4 Winner chain; specification can significantly reduce their carbon footprint too. A recent LCA which compared GT4 Winner to standard roller chain found that it generates up to 66 percent less CO2 over its entire life cycle.

Taking a benchmark 120 links of chain, the company set an inventory of analysis for CO2 emissions, including materials sourcing and extraction, internal processing during manufacture, external processing prior to and after manufacture, plus product transportation and scrap. It then compared the amount of CO2 that would be generated throughout the cycle and multiplied it based on the total number of cycles that would be required for a specified length of operation.

The results of the LCA showed that every 120 links of GT4 Winner is accountable for 29kg CO2 compared to the 88kg CO2 generated by standard industry chain.

Very few chains on the market can match the service life of GT4 Winner. This assessment proves once and for all that not only does GT4 Winner reduce costs over an entire life cycle, it also reduces CO2 emissions.

In a suitability test for harsh environments in an asphalt manufacturing facility, Tsubaki compared its GT4 Winner chain against the standard chain that had previously been used at the site and a premier chain from the same manufacturer which uses chrome bearing pins for increased wear resistance. The chain was left in operation for 1750 service hours prior to measuring for elongation.

It was found that the competitor’s premium brand had suffered 3.3 percent elongation while Tsubaki’s GT4 Winner was only 1.9 percent. This equates to 42 percent less elongation for GT4 Winner. In comparison to the original chain – which had suffered from 3.5 percent elongation – Tsubaki’s solution was shown to offer 45 percent less elongation, a significant improvement and one that could double the service life of the chain, making it economically a far more beneficial product.

GT4 Winner Chain is available in sizes 06B to 48B in simplex, duplex and triplex variants.

This innovative chain is now available in New Zealand through Auckland Bearing Distributors Ltd. Please call us on 09 444 6566 or visit www.aucklandbearings.co.nz to see how we can help kickstart your TCO reduction.

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