The next generation in mixing



Tasweld Engineering has released a revolutionary new mixing technology – ACTUS Rotated Arc mixer (RAM) for high viscosity fluids which promises rapid and efficient mixing – up to twice as effective and offers up to 80 percent reduction in energy.

The Actus RAM mixer utilises a new technical approach compared to existing technologies. It works by utilising chaotic flow patterns established in the fluid to bring about rapid and efficient mixing without applying excessive work to the material itself. Actus has a rotating inner barrel with carefully designed windows inside a fixed outer barrel with the fluid to be mixed being pumped along the length of the mixer in a continuous stream.

The size and position of the windows, the dimensions of the mixer, and the rate of rotation are all optimised to the rheological properties a particular process.

As the inner barrel rotates the pattern of windows establishes a chaotic flow pattern in the fluid. The mixing is fast and applies low shear to the material. In addition, there are no moving parts such as baffles or paddles projecting into the fluid that can become clogged or generate dead zones, leading to greater homogeneity and lower downtime.

The benefits of the RAM

  • Improved mixing efficiency. Actus mixer rapidly mixes high viscosity material and incorporates material additions to high viscosity liquids up to twice as well as existing systems
  • Improved product properties. Rapid and efficient consistent mixing with low shear leads to improved properties such as mouthfeel without changing raw materials
  • Reduced energy consumption. Up to 80 percent reduction in energy required for mixing using the Actus RAM mixer compared to existing mixing solutions
  • No stagnant regions. With no internal surfaces such as baffles or paddles, no stagnant regions are created resulting in less product build up. Cleaning is made easier and less frequent
  • Easy to retrofit. The Actus RAM mixer can be easily incorporated into existing plant designs. Standard connections and pumps can be used to incorporate the Actus RAM mixer
  • Easy to scale. The Actus RAM mixer design can readily scale up or down to meet process needs.
  • Customisable. The Actus RAM mixer can be optimised to exact material and process conditions to maximise plant benefits
  • Direct bottom line benefits. Depending on the circumstances, the combination of higher throughput, lower cleaning and power costs and improved product properties can give direct bottom line benefits.

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