Tell me it can’t be done – and we’ll do it


Mike GoodinBy Les Watkins

A thin trail of flour across the floor of a supermarket, together with patches of it on customers’ shoes and supermarket checkout counters showed there was clearly a problem. It was a problem which would be impossible to resolve. At least, that’s what international experts told Aurora Process Equipment director Mike Goddin.

“But impossible is a word we don’t like,” he says. “In fact, we hardly understand what it means.”

Mr Goddin’s typical Kiwi can-do attitude explains why he claims with confidence that his Hamilton-based company does more than sell essential equipment to the fluid processing and materials handling sectors.

“No, it goes far beyond that,” he says. “We are selling efficient solutions.”

Solutions, for example, to that persistent trouble with the flour.

It stemmed from the manufacturer wanting a totally new type of user-friendly packaging, which could be filled through the top but still retain the plastic carry handles.

“At that time no satisfactory way had been found to seal the bottom valve after the filling the bag and so the flour kept dribbling out,” says Mr Goddin.

“A leading American firm which we represented here told us there was no way this could be satisfactorily fixed and that, of course, was a challenge we couldn’t resist”

Mr Goddin and his team designed a new type of bag which could be filled at the top, where the handles were to be fitted, and the leaking flour became history.

“We have a team of design and installation engineers who, in addition to providing exactly what customers request, are qualified to give the best advice,” he says.

“What sort of bagging plant do they really need?

“How exactly do they plan to use it?

“How much do they want to invest?”

“We can cover everything from a basic manual system at very low cost to something highly automated – and make sure customers get the right equipment without spending a cent more than is necessary. We feel that we haven’t done our job if we and our customers are not completely happy.”

That was the pattern his father set when he started the company in 1995 and it has helped attract clients throughout New Zealand and Australia as well as the Pacific Islands.

The many top-quality lines offered by Aurora includes the comprehensive range of Galaxy bagging equipment for handling all aspects of the operation, such as open-mouth and valve bag filling, bag closing and bulk bag-loading and unloading.

Others of particular importance for process industry – which can save immense sums from being wasted and reputations from being sullied – are Aurora Magnetic Separators.

Huge costs have been incurred by companies around the world, including New Zealand, from product recalls from metallic contamination.

“Here we can be talking of costs well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Mr Goddin.

“Apart from the most obvious ones, such those incurred in the return and disposal of contaminated product, a major recall can severely damage a brand’s reputation and consumer confidence. “

And there are so many potential causes.

“Flour, for instance, is extremely vulnerable – starting from when the wheat is harvested. Tiny fragments of broken metal or flakes of rust from the harvesting equipment can end up in the grain. These may then go into the silos and flour mills and eventually into the final product.

“And, what’s more, expensive equipment can be seriously damaged by a few pieces of rust to fine metallic particles getting into the equipment,” says Mr Goddin.

Aurora Magnetics reduce the risk by removing metal contaminants including work-hardened stainless steel and magnetic stone fragments.

However, the fight against contaminants needs to be continued after the flour has been cleansed by the separators.

Bread-makers and biscuit manufacturers, for example, also use metal equipment in their processes and so recontamination is a distinct possibility and highly risky at this stage – so close to the final products.

This can also be effectively tackled by Aurora Magnetics, especially the high quality MAGNATTACK range.

The range is suitable for viscous liquid lines as well as dry product lines. It offers sealed pipeline magnets for liquid and slurry units as well as grate and probe magnets for powder or granular products.

These are just a few of the quality products provided by Aurora.

“We understand the business of keeping your process running, we know it’s important to you and that makes it important to Aurora,” says Mr Goddin.

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