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Frequently Asked Questions

When is NZ Engineering News published?

NZ Engineering News is published 11 times a year, from February to December, with the December issue being the Annual and Directory.

I’m already a subscriber – how do I renew?

Simply purchase the same subscription again and your subscription will be renewed.

When renewing, how do I avoid receiving the same issue twice?

Even though we use technology to let you subscribe and renew online, this is backed by a helpful team with common sense here at Hayley Media. So when we see your order and payment come through online, your subscription will simply be extended by a year. In other words, no matter when you renew, you’ll never receive the same magazine issue twice.

Will the Digital edition work on my PC/Mac/tablet?

You will be able to read the Digital edition on any internet-enabled device, whether it’s a Mac, PC or a tablet. You can zoom in to make the pages as large as you like, or even download a PDF file of the magazine so you can read it offline.

How many back issues will I get access to? What format are they in?

If you have a Digital (or Print & Digital) subscription, you will have access to all back issues of NZ Engineering News from February 2014 onwards, in PDF format.

How do I access the PDF back issues?

You can access these back issues along with the current issue at any time on the Digital Edition page, after you’ve purchased a subscription that includes digital editions.

What if I change my mailing address or email address during my subscription period?

Please contact us and we’ll update your address.

Email: [email protected]

Any other questions?

Please contact us at [email protected] for help.

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