Steel Innovations Conference 2013


Steel structure

The Steel Innovations Conference 2013 was held on February 21-22 at the Air Force Museum, Wigram, Christchurch.

The theme of the conference was resilience, amid the context of the aftermath of the earthquakes in Canterbury, and the rebuild which is now underway. There were also papers on the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

“Structural engineers and academics specialising in steel construction have a lot to offer Christchurch as the rebuild of the city gets underway,” says conference organiser Alistair Fussell.

“A large part of the conference was devoted to the latest seismic-resisting structural steel systems from New Zealand and around the world. We expect innovations like this will play a significant role in the design and construction of many of Christchurch’s new buildings.”

During the course of the two day conference, about 200 delegates had a choice of attending more than 50 presentations covering seismic-resisting systems (including limiting damage, learning from the quakes, damage assessment, damping devices, and diaphragm and connections).

Other major issues include composite steel construction, fire engineering, durability, sustainability, steel bridges and light steel framing.

Read the full article in the March edition of New Zealand Engineering News, due out on 11 March.