Spray Nozzle Engineering launches new pre-rinse nozzles


Spray Nozzle Engineering launches new pre-rinse nozzles

Spray Nozzle Engineering has released the Strahman Kwik Clean 3® and Vari-Spray® Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzles for commercial kitchens. These two new industrial-strength wash-down spray nozzles are the result of highly engineered technology in the line of pre-rinse products for commercial food service kitchens, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias an­­­­d institutional markets.

The new and revolutionary Kwik Clean 3tri-spray­­ nozzlehas outstanding performance with 15.6 seconds cleanability over most at over 20 seconds. In addition to its robust stainless steel body, each of its three tips uses only less than 3.79 LPM and can save up to 640,000 litres of water. Each Kwik Clean 3 is US EPAct 2005 compliant,comes along with a reliable five year warranty and provides a lifetime value at 35 percent savings in hot water, sewer and energy. Kwik Clean 3’s cost effective and durable benefits contribute to the labor savings from our industry-leading cleanability.

Strahman’s Vari-Spray® is the low-flow pre-rinse spray nozzle with top-notch flexibility and superior cleaning performance. Vari-Spray® is an industrial strength nozzle previously with a pre-rinse handle now ingeniously converted into a pre-rinse nozzle. There is an infinite choice of spray patterns (from a hollow cone to a powerful solid jet stream) instantly available at the squeeze of the trigger. Not only does it eliminate the need for a separate handle, Vari-Spray® stands at a low-flow rate of 4.73 LPM at 413 kPa; this consumes 12 percent less water, sewage and energy than the industry standard.

BothVari-Spray®andKwik Clean 3comes along an all stainless steel operating parts with a reliable five year warranty and provides a lifetime value with cost cutting and environmentally friendly benefits.

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