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Panasonic security system in action

By Nick Palfrey

Panasonic has developed cost-effective wireless security systems that promise to redefine manufacturing and production environments through megapixel technology.

Panasonic security systems are changing the way in which production lines and manufacturing plants are monitored in often adverse lighting environments. The past five years has brought about a sea change from analogue to IP CCTV (internet protocol closed circuit television) platforms driven by market demand and increasingly tech-savvy end users.

IP CCTV systems do not require local recording. They can transmit images across local networks, the internet and wide area networks to a central location, where they can be recorded, viewed and managed.

IP based cameras turn images and audio into data then transmit this over a network or internet connection. The ultimate benefit of this over analogue CCTV systems is greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation.

The ability to provide the finest detail in the production line process allows an operator to quickly identify faults and blemishes before final production occurs, saving time and money.

“Panasonic cameras and software have been deployed in numerous production situations because of their high reliability, image quality, ease of use and ability to work in harsh lighting environments. Customers such as New Zealand Steel, Carter Holt Harvey, Fisher and Paykel, Pan Pac to name a few use our megapixel cameras,” says Paul Grey, sales engineer for Panasonic security systems. Panasonic offers both hardware and server based recording platforms

The cameras provide high definition (HD) or full high definition images from the production floor to the control centre in real time, allowing operators to make critical decisions regarding the operation of the line without the need for a person to physically view the line.

“In some cases we have added the ability for the footage to be recorded to our Panasonic hard drive recorders so that footage can be used to review incidents that occur on the line so that processes can be improved and the potential accidents reduced,” says Mr Grey.

Software is available for viewing and controlling cameras both locally and remotely.

Product manager Jason Walsh says: “The IP megapixel platform has given us the ability to increase recorded image resolution 4-5 fold, realising detail and clarity never seen before.

“A big advantage Panasonic has is being able to provide the market with a range of reliable, quality recording platforms – both hardware based and server based. Panasonic can tailor the CCTV solution based on client need and budget and provide the best technology suited to the requirement,” he says.

High security solutions from Panasonic are installed at sites further afield than New Zealand. Rarotonga Airport and the Bank of Cook Islands have installed IP CCTV systems, joining Parliament, NZ Customs Service, Aviation Security, Ports of Tauranga, Ports of Napier and Centerport Wellington, Christchurch Stadium, Waikato Stadium, TVNZ, Sky Television, ANZ National and Papatoetoe Sports Centre.

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