Scud targets Japan


Matsusaka Engineering Corporation engineers put the Scud through its paces in the company’s factory complex in Taki, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Australian Pump’s Scud pressure cleaner range is continuing its success in the US, South East Asia and the Middle East with a major product launch in Japan.

Australian Pump, Australia’s biggest manufacturer of high pressure water blasting equipment, designed the Aussie Scud pressure cleaner range for professional contractors, government departments, mines and quarries.

With a view to providing a world class product it was conceived specifically to suit Australia’s tough operating conditions. Available in either petrol or diesel drive, the unique range provides more efficient cleaning giving operators safer, faster and more environmentally friendly results.

Entering into Japan was through a unique cooperation with one of the country’s leading pump manufacturers, Matsusaka Engineering which operates an extensive distribution network covering agricultural, mining and construction machinery markets.

“The Scud is like nothing ever seen before in Japan,” said Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia, who recently spent a week with Matsusaka Engineering as part of the key product launch programme. “Japanese buying groups and dealers were impressed by the product’s clean functional design, its OH&S friendly features and more powerful cleaning capacity,” said Farrugia.

Australian Pump was the first company to develop hot galvanised welded frames. The company partnered with the world’s best engine manufacturers to provide users with a combination of performance and aftermarket support.

“We used Honda petrol and Yanmar diesel engines after a series of extensive power to performance matching tests,” said Farrugia. “We were also the first to begin serious production line manufacture of 4000psi machines and later to introduce 5000 and 7000psi units in large quantity runs,” he said.

The heart of the system is the Big Berty Bertolini pump that produces loads of pressure with minimum energy consumption. Bertolini heavy duty triplex pumps display a wide range of unique features and components.

For example, one of the most popular models is the 4000psi machine that achieves its full performance using only a 13hp Honda petrol engine. The same pump can operate in its full performance band with a 10hp Yanmar diesel engine.

The higher efficiency means better value for customers, shorter cleaning times, less water consumption and consequently less waste.

Japanese government departments like the idea of using 3,000 and 4,000 psi diesel powered machines. Bigger versions of the scud are ideal for cleaning earthmoving plant on road works, bridge construction and other public infrastructure projects.

Municipal bodies canvassed during Farrugia’s visit applauded the versatility of the Scud design. The machine can handle tasks as varied as cleaning graffiti in urban streetscape, to drain cleaning duties in both sewage and storm water drains.