Rockwell connects PowerFlex 750 drives to Profibus network


The PowerFlex 750-Series Profi bus DPV1

The PowerFlex 750-Series Profibus DPV1 module enables users to integrate the 750-Series AC drives with the Profibus network.

The optional module mounts inside the PowerFlex 753 and 755 AC drives to save panel space and offers V1 services beyond the standard V0 services. Various tools can be used to configure the module and connected drive(s) including the Enhanced PowerFlex 7-Class HIM or drive configuration software such as DriveExplorer and DriveExecutive.

Features of the module include:

  • I/O messaging: Used to transfer timecritical information, including data that controls the drive. The module can send and receive logic command/reference, logic status/feedback and datalinks – read and write up to 32 parameters simultaneously
  • Explicit messaging: Involves non-time critical information that is typically triggered by the application – for example, ladder program in the controller. The module supports reading/writing of drive parameters, reading the drive fault queue, and reading/writing of option or other peripheral parameters
  • Configuration switches: The module has a binary-coded decimal switch for setting the node address (01-126). Alternatively, the switch can be disabled (00–all off), allowing the node address to be set using a configuration parameter. There is a dedicated switch setting that allows for byte swapping on the network depending on the controller selected to communicate with the module
  • Network operating mode jumper: Allows users to set the operating mode of the module from either standard Profibus or ProfiDrive, providing network flexibility and convenience
  • Standard D89 connector: Connects to a Profibus network, greatly simplifying the connection point and increasing longevity of the wiring system by providing strain relief.

The module can be flash-updated in the field using DriveExplorer, DriveExecutive and ControlFLASH.

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