Regal establishes one-stop-shop for electric motor products and services

Constructed in 2012, Regal’s purpose-built 54,000 sq. ft. facility in Avondale boasts a 27,000 sq. ft. warehouse and a similar-sized workshop.

Constructed in 2012, Regal’s purpose-built 54,000 sq. ft. facility in Avondale boasts a 27,000 sq. ft. warehouse and a similar-sized workshop.

Regal Beloit’s acquisition of CMG Electric Motors Ltd, one of Australia’s largest electric motors manufacturers, in 2009 heralded a new era for the electric motors industry in New Zealand. In the past five years, the company has been quietly rebranding its presence in the country and consolidating its sales and service facilities in Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch.

One of the strategic directions of Regal’s rebranding is to bring under one roof its own products and iconic international brands, including CMG electric motors, Marathon motors and generators, Durst gear drives and transmissions, Fasco fractional horsepower motors and blowers and OBA insulators and conductors; and its partners’ brands, including Vacon drives, Varavel motion controls and KB variable frequency drives.

Regal NZ general manager David Priestley says that while it is still trading as CMG Electric Motors in New Zealand, the company is easing into being known as Regal.

“We were known in New Zealand as a range of companies under CMG, but we are slowly changing that perception,” Mr Priestley says.

CMG used to have four buildings scattered all over Auckland used by the Rotational Power Group, a motor service company that specialises in overhaul and repair of explosion-proof equipment, the 30-year old South Pacific Rewinders in Otahuhu, OBA NZ’s insulators and conductors business and CMG Electric Motors. These have all been brought under the roof of Regal’s purpose-built facility in West Auckland.

“Now we are under one roof as Regal, and are pleased to offer our clients everything that has to do with electrical motors,” Mr Priestly says.

Constructed in 2012, Regal’s purpose-built 54,000 sq. ft. facility in Avondale boasts a 27,000 sq. ft. warehouse and a similar-sized workshop. It is also ISO 9001-certified.

Regal carries a comprehensive inventory of electric motor-related products for all industries, including timber, dairy, oil and gas, marine, mining and manufacturing. Worth about $3.5 million nationally, some $3 million worth of inventory are in the Auckland warehouse.

The Auckland workshop is listed on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certificate as a manufacturing location for hazardous area motors, and is audited by Sira out of the UK.
“That makes us very unique in New Zealand,” Mr Priestley says. “It enables us to take a standard motor and convert it to a hazardous area motor that is certified to go into an explosive atmosphere and operate.

“We can customise to a client’s exact requirements, including paint work, within a couple of days. So while our competitors are still sending the motor to their facilities overseas for modification, we are done. That’s a two to three weeks advantage.”

Mr Priestley says that as part of the rebranding process, the coming years will see the CMG brand folding into the Marathon brand.

“That is a significant change. CMG motors have always been engineered in Australia and manufactured by contract manufacturers in China. Meanwhile the Regal range of products is being manufactured in Regal-owned factories. More than 50 percent of our products are now manufactured in our own factories.”

Regal owns manufacturing facilities in the US, Thailand, India and China. A brand new facility is scheduled to be opened in Wuxi.

Last year, Regal moved its sales and service operations in Rotorua, including the CMG-acquired Thermal Rewinds Rotorua, into a purpose-built building last year. It has also given its distribution facility in Christchurch a huge facelift after the earthquakes.

Regal NZ’s core business is the supply of industrial motors and generators. theses include basic standard cast iron electric motors; a premium range of PPA motors popularly known as mining-spec motors which have higher specifications and are also available in hazardous certifications Zone 1, Zone 2 and Dust; specialised EXD range explosion-proof cast iron motors; and a comprehensive range of aluminium motors, single phase and DC motors.

It also distributes an extensive range of gear boxes; motor starters and controls; couplings, brakes and clutches; insulators and conductors; and air systems.

Its IANZ-accredited service workshops offer rewind, service and repair of all types and brands of motors and generators. The workshops are equipped with a paint booth so motors can be finished to customer specifications, including sandblasting and anti-corrosion coating.

“We were the first electric motor workshop in New Zealand to be IANZ-certified to the AS/NZS 3800 standard back in 1998. The accreditation is recognized in Australia and in many overseas countries so we get work internationally,” Mr Priestley says.

“Our Service division puts us in a unique position to offer a repair-or-replace advice.”

Mr Priestley says Regal is upskilling its capability in motor dynamic balancing. It has installed in its Auckland facility a balancer that can take up to 4 ton rotors up to 3m long, and is in the process of acquiring a balancer for smaller rotors.

“At the moment, we are only balancing motors that we have serviced. We are looking to recruit a mechanical person to specialise in this service before we roll it out,” he says.

Motors, transformers and generators serviced by Regal are test run at full speed for more than an hour until the temperature stabilises to guarantee that they are suitable to go back into service.

“We have yet to find something that we can’t test run – from very, very small motors right up to 600kw 1000V DC motors. We have a big generator so we can generate up to 500V AC or DC. Our mentality in the test run process is to prove mechanically that a motor is in good condition.”

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