Greg Holster of Lincoln Electric gets quality face time with engineers

Greg Holster of Lincoln Electric gets quality face time with engineers

“It just takes one, Greg,” CNC Direct’s David Thumath told me, at 2.30pm on day 1 of SouthMach17 in Christchurch.

He’s done a few shows. He’s right.

He was referring to the show’s cost to him; one sale or lead to a sale enough to cover most expenses.

His comments had come after we’d ‘guestimated’ show numbers to that point, based off how many Engineering News’ showbags had been handed out – virtually everyone had one so it was a better than average poll.

Attendees were also of better than average ‘quality’ too for the suppliers who spent the dough to show them face-to-face what they had on offer, and ways they could help to improve engineering, manufacturing, processing – and more – businesses.

Their success(es) are still to be measured as the days and weeks pass, with the show sometimes leading to sales well after the break down has been done.

Engineering News and Machineryseller weren’t there to show our prouct, the magazine; we were more there to fly the flag in a segment of the market where we – in part – act as a link. We look forward to these shows, because it’s a rarity to have our readers and advertisers suppliers in one (very big) room. We took pride in being the only industry magazine exhibiting.

We have some exciting things plans for EMEX 2018. Watch this space.

And we took even greater pride when comments flowed at SouthMach from the reaches: engineers from the likes of Rangiora saying, “If you’re into engineering, you’re reading Engineering News”. That legacy far outshines my pen, formed in 1969.

But it’s also great to hear so many are now embracing the multi-media experience of our digital magazine – we still have plenty of work to do on this but it definitely will get to a point to truly complement our print edition. It too, with such things as downloadable pdfs and spec sheets, can add value to the way you do business. Even if it’s just to get creative engineering juices flowing.

Through both forms we intend to continue to show the very best of the industries that engineering is involved with through innovative means, such as out digital edition. Our advertisers are telling us that you like what they have to offer, need what they have to help improve your businesses and are picking up phones. Great. Win:win:win and everyone’s reaching for those stars.

Speaking of engineering wins, a solid congratulations goes out to RocketLAB for their efforts late May. You’ve seen it plastered all over every news site and paper, so we’ll leave the team down there alone this issue so they can get on with producing more great feats of Kiwi engineering.

As always, if you have a cool engineering story about someone doing something great or a new piece of kit really helping to change the way you do business – flick me an email to [email protected] with some details and if I get back to you, let’s share the good vibes through the pages and on the screen.

Greg Robertson