Racing improves the breed


Races can be won or lost in pit lane, and many V8 SuperCar teams have made the savvy choice to run SP Air Race Guns.

RacingThese hand-held powerhouses start life as an ever-reliable impact wrench chosen from the wide range of SP Air tools. The compact body of an impact gun is chosen as the donor unit. Both existing and new components are used in the three-day build process, with Master Technicians stripping the donor gun down to individual parts and inspecting it at the SP workshops in Brisbane.

The main and rear housings undergo extensive work with machining and polishing to provide perfectly matched ports with a significant increase in airflow in the first step. Further modifications to the rear housing are also made, such as an introduced CNC machined regulator developed to help optimise the flow of air through the housings. After this, work on the heavy-duty detents begins. These detents hold the regulator firmly in place and offer foolproof directional control, giving the operator confidence against accidental direction change in race conditions.

Next to receive modification is the front nose cone. A needle roller assembly is installed and machining shortens the overall length of the body, a necessary step for the introduction of a 1” anvil.

The anvil, hammer cage and air cylinder used in the SP Air Race Guns are specifically forged at the SP factory in Japan.

The build continues with porting and polishing of the air cylinder to match the ports of the main housing. The original rotor and new race cylinder are blueprinted to ensure high output motor performance.

SP Race guns operate with three times the normal operating pressure of a standard impact wrench. Despite this, the high degree of control offered at the trigger is incredible, and can be directly credited to trigger valving that has been carefully developed at the Brisbane workshop.

The last of the machining to be done is to create better airflow and introduce new, innovative seals into the trigger assembly. A closely-guarded process of heat-treating all the internal moving parts then enhances the durability of the components, and then cleaning, inspection and measuring is performed before the final assembly begins.

A set assembly procedure ensures accurate end float and internal tolerances of the components. The heating and cooling of the various components as they are fitted helps to achieve this.

An improperly-fitted gun can cost dearly in high-end performance.

A benchmark test is then performed against an established regulated supply pressure to ensure the Race Gun’s quality, and then it is tested under simulated race conditions.

With the results of this test, SP’s technicians can offer operational advice to the race team when they collect their new or serviced Race Gun.

The reliability and performance consistently offered by SP Air Australia’s Race Guns, utilising leading edge components and technical innovations, has been in development for many race seasons. Through SP’s partnership and participation

with V8 Supercar teams, such as SBR and HRT, valuable information gained from feedback that teams provide about the performance of the Race Gun in practice and on race day has made sure that the SP Air is the winning choice in pit lane.

Of course, the technology that is developed in making these thoroughbred performers is passed on to the consumer in developing superior off-the-shelf products right through the range of SP tools, proving once again the old axiom, “racing improves the breed.

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