Quality service and products drive Machinery House’s growth


A strategy of continued Investment in quality service and products has resulted in another rise in turnover sales year-on-year for Machinery House in New Zealand.

New Zealand branch manager Miles Donald says the company’s continuing success since the branch opened in 2008 validates the effectiveness of the strategy.

Several components support Machinery House’s strategy to retain and grow its market share in New Zealand. It has an experienced sales team, a strong backup service, an extensive range of on-site stock which is also accessible through its website, and broad industry knowledge. All of which strengthen the professional image the company portrays.

“As a result of continually improving the individual components of our strategy, we’ve had good growth again this year. This is a positive position especially as we are seeing more manufacturing confidence in the market,” Mr Donald says.

On top of the list of the company’s strengths is a great sales team with decades of technical experience. Miles Donald has 20 years industry experience, sales manager Bill Lee more than 40 years, service engineer George Nam more than 30 years, technical sales officer Kevin Lamb 20 years, and technical sales officers Darren Sharpe and newly hired Wilfred D’Mello about 10 years each.

“Part of our service is having two technicians and two storemen on site to assist customers,” Mr Donald says. “Our technicians also make sure that everything that leaves our place is pre-run and tested. If a machine is in a crate, it will be opened, greased, run and oiled. Once we are happy with it, it goes back to the crate and made ready to send out. This ensures fast on-site commissioning for customers wherever they are.”

The range carried by Machinery House covers the whole product spectrum for the engineering industry – from the model train builder right up to the full-on engineering workshop.

The company distributes imported metalworking and sheetmetal fabrication equipment from Hafco Metalmaster, Soco, Sunrise, Sahinler, SIEG and Rong Fu. It is also one of the biggest distributors for Auckland-based precision engineers and machine tool manufacturers R R Bramley, which produces quality metalcutting, forming, shaping and grinding equipment under the Bramley, Linishall and Garrick machine tools brands, and NZ-made Bulldozer horizontal benders.

Machinery House has a philosophy that if something else is an added benefit to what it already sells, then it will stock that as well. In line with this, the company is stocking more gear sourced from domestic wholesalers.

“We are always supporting the local market and one way to do this is to enter into distribution partnership with domestic manufacturers and wholesalers. This in turn has broadened our product range, especially in our welders and compressors. We are now also distributing power tools, grease guns and Hitachi electric chain blocks,” Mr Donald says.

With the volume of on-site stock increasing at its East Tamaki headquarters, Mr Donald says there is pressure for the company to move to a bigger premises in a couple of years. “We are now holding more stock than ever before. We know that in two or three years we will have to move to a 5,000sqm facility to accommodate the amount of stock that we need to hold and the product lines we have.”

Machinery House’s website is helping put the word out to clients, who are able to get all the information they need about the machines and other products, from technical specifications to shipping information, like weight and volume, to prices. This in turn enables them to make a buying decision. Clients who register online and become a Machinery House mate get specials and other freebies year round. They also get a $20 voucher for a $100 purchase, and a $50 voucher for a $300 purchase.

“We do everything we possibly can to benefit customers. For example, the advice we give may not always end up in the customer making a purchase, but we give the right advice anyway because that is the important thing to do,” Mr Donald says.

“We give them good product, good service and good back-up service. With that, customers often return to make further purchases because they have confidence in our knowledge and experience.”