Quality engineering goods and services


Aztech Engineering LimitedAztech Engineering Limited was formed early in 2004 with a view to improving the quality of engineering services in Wellington.

The company, originally situated in Petone Avenue, Lower Hutt, employed six staff to carry out its operations. Over the past three years operations were shifted to a new location, new specialised equipment purchased, and staff levels increased.

Today Aztech employs 26 staff in a variety of trade disciplines, has a workshop in Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, containing equipment that is flexible and varied and carries out contract works and onsite work for clients, Wellington wide.

Aztech Engineering offers significant skill in the engineering field through its management team, with a combined 70 years’ experience within the trade and its management. Not only do they offer standard engineering works to clients who know what they require but they also offer a solution based process for those clients who require assistance in meeting ‘clouded’ objectives.

Aztech’s staff is selected using strict criteria to ensure that customer expectations are met consistently, on time, and within budget. The staff is regularly trained in activities to ensure they meet client obligations.

Pipe work fitting and mechanical services

Aztech Engineering has undertaken numerous pipe work fit-outs for high rise buildings in the Wellington area, from small one hour jobs, to those requiring over 10,000 hours of labour spread over several months.

There is no job that has proven to be too big for Aztech Engineering, with work being carried out on steam, water, chilled, oil, and refrigerated lines.

Along with pipe work fitting Aztech has also undertaken many tasks for installing, modifying, or removing associated components such as chilled beams, chiller units, boilers, pumps, and air handler units.

General engineering

Aztech has a core group of tradesmen that provide a service for those needing general engineering work. They offer services for overhauling equipment such as pumps and production machinery and provide written guarantees for overhauled equipment that is still within the manufacturer’s specification.

Coupled with this service, Aztech offers general works such as handrails, gates, fences, frames, truck repairs, bins, and the like. They offer a full machine shop capability from milling to lathe work. They also offer plate rolling, section rolling, guillotine work, brake press work, profile cutting, and specialist welding.


Aztech has undertaken several structural jobs over the past few years, from one off house beams, to hundreds of components required for single jobs.

Sheetmetal work

Aztech offers sheet metal work for such items as bench tops, pharmaceutical components, chutes and duct work, lining out rooms, and typical minor sheet metal components that are required by clients.

In addition to stainless steel work, Aztech also has the capacity to provide aluminum work and has specialist welding equipment and staff to ensure a quality job every time.

Onsite services

Aztech Engineering has a very mobile work force and can supply tradesmen to clients’ sites at competitive rates. Site work has included large contract works for meat companies, quarrying companies, oil companies, and pharmaceutical companies – some of these contracts are one off and others are ongoing maintenance contracts which have run for two years or more.

Along with these contracts, Aztech has undertaken many jobs for specialist services and jobs for clients that have difficulties in locating companies with the extent of knowledge and equipment that Aztech provides.

The company owns nine vehicles for general use (several with Hiab cranes mounted on them) and two other vehicles for specialist use, these being a truck mounted personnel access vehicle and a mobile working platform: their access vehicles are for hire.

For more information visit: www.aztechengineering.co.nz