Precision digital gas mixer for efficient packaging in the food industry


With its new KM-FLOW, the German gas systems specialist Witt says the company is the first to offer a gas mixer with digital mass flow controllers for packaging using a protective atmosphere in the food industry.

Depending on the model, the KM-FLOW mixes two or three gases for all types of packaging machines whether vacuum, thermoforming, pillow bags or manually-sealed compartments.

At the same time the digital mass flow controllers assume the function of the proportional valves and pressure regulators that are found in practically all standard mixing systems in the international food industry.

The digital mass flow measuring instruments are a major step technologically for the user, but a smaller one for Witt.

The company has already been building mass flow controllers (MFC) systems for many years.

"We typically use this technology for supplying burners in the glass industry. No other manufacturer in the food industry can demonstrate such practical experience. The KM-FLOW is also certified according to ISO 22000 for food safety," says sales manager Martin Bender.

Bender cites the easy touch screen operation where freely programmable gas mixtures can now be selected at the touch of a button or by barcode reader, for example.

The digital data-bus also makes evaluation of the measuring data easier.

"When it comes to technical precision and reliability when metering and retaining the selected mixing ratio, Witt is the leader with a standard far above the requirements for packaging purposes with its conventional measuring technology," says Mr Bender.

MFC devices are especially advantageous for users aiming for a fully automatic inert gas packaging process with permanent monitoring and fault correction.

In combination with an analysis instrument that continually measures the gas concentration in the package during the packaging process, the KM-FLOW can adjust the gas ratio and gas mixture volume to optimise the process.

The result is maximisation of the packaging quality along with a minimisation of the gas consumption.

“This efficient packaging workflow can be ideally realised with MFC. The optimised gas consumption helps to reduce costs and minimise the uncontrolled escape of CO2, thus protecting employees," says Mr Bender.

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