Plenty of sting in this Viper


The Adept Viper™ s1700D is a high-performance six-axis robot. Maker Adept Technology says it has faster and more efficient motors to deliver higher-speed motion and increased productivity.

Like the previous Viper 1700 robot, the new s1700D offers a long reach and high payload capacity within a small footprint.

The s1700 is designed for applications that require fast and precise automation, making it ideal for material handling, machine tending, packaging, cutting and assembly.

The unit has a reach of 1.7m and a payload capacity of 20kg.

This newest Viper is seamlessly integrated with Adept’s portfolio. Interchangeable robots and controllers ease deployment, support and maintenance, including improving parts availability.

The s1700D comes with advanced self-diagnostics for proactive monitoring and quick troubleshooting. It features Adept ACE™ software, which deploys the robot through a user-friendly interface. The Ethernet TCP/IP capability allows the robot to be controlled through a PC, PLC or controller.

“The Viper s1700D strengthens Adept’s food packaging product offerings. We’re seeing tremendous growth in the use of robots in food packaging applications around the world, and this newest Viper will deliver enormous value to these customers as well as others,” says senior vice president of sales and marketing John Boutsikaris.

“Our commitment to continuous development is focused on helping our customers improve their operations. The Viper s1700D aligns with Adept's strategy to deliver high-performance, end-to-end packaging solutions.”

Adept provides specialised, cost-effective robotics systems and services to high-growth markets including packaging, medical, disk drive/electronics and solar as well as to traditional industrial markets including machine tool automation and automotive components.

The company has been receiving pre-orders for the Viper s1700D and shipped the first system on the day of its release, December 22 last year. Currently, the company has Viper s1700D orders to be fulfilled up to March 2012.

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