Overhead crane with sway control



Veyance Belting is enjoying the benefits of its new 55 ton doublegirder multi-featured overhead crane from Konecranes, featuring the safety and precision of sway control. It replaces a 40 ton crane that had been giving satisfactory service for many years.

Veyance Belting is Australia’s only manufacturer of Goodyear engineered products. The factory has been manufacturing and supplying Goodyear branded conveyor belting to the mining and materials handling industry since 1965.

“Our new overhead crane is typically lifting 32 to 36 tonne loads of coiled conveyor belting on and off our processing machinery and onto delivery trucks. The previous 40 ton crane was very good but was due to be replaced,” says Veyance plant engineer Hong Koh.

“Konecranes did a fantastic installation job, taking just four days. They had the two girders up by the afternoon of the first day and spent the remainder of the time fitting the electrical connections, testing and commissioning the crane,” Mr Koh says.

Konecranes project manager James Alamade says it was an interesting project to look after, as the new crane has many high tech features.

“We had a small window of opportunity for installation, which was to be during Veyance Belting’s planned shut period. We had to be in and out within the timeframe that was given to us. This meant coordinating our component factory, suppliers, engineering and the installation crew to come together to meet the planned installation date. Thorough planning was vital for the success of the project."

The crane was formally handed over in November last year.

Konecranes double girder overhead cranes have excellent hook approaches at both ends of the crane and the headroom requirement is minimal. The cranes are designed to eliminate unused or underutilised square metres because the crane can operate closer to the walls and lift the load higher.

The double girder crane for Veyance comes complete with sway control which modifies the crane operator’s speed command so that the requested speed is reached without end swing. The operator spends less time worrying about load sway and adjusting it during the operation. The most accurate and efficient load positioning is thus achieved.

“With sway control, the crane movements will definitely be safer for our operators. Speed isn’t so much a benefit for us, as our crane travel is small, but we’re aware that we can move the load more quickly with sway control,” Mr Koh says.

He said that all Veyance’s operators learn to use the 55 ton overhead crane as part of their standard training. It’s company policy that they be skilled on all the production machines at the factory.

“We’re happy with the functioning of our new Konecranes overhead crane. On current experience with it, we would recommend the crane to other companies like ours. We also have some intentions to buy another crane for the workshop, maybe in 2014.”

For more information:

Visit: www.konecranes.com.au