No space restrictions with range of compact stand-alone dust collectors


IPERJET DF Series dust collectors

Egmont Air has a new range of stand-alone cartridge dust collectors. The new IPERJET DF Series dust collectors offer an excellent solution for filtration of dust and fume without restricting premium workspace.

The Egmont Air IPERJET DF features cartridge filtration, compressed-air backwash cleaning, high suction and a compact footprint. These units can be used in situations that previously required a large custom-made filter unit.

Egmont Air, specialists in dust and fume extraction, offers a large range of extraction systems and methods to suit almost any pollutant and application.

Cartridge filtering technology provides a high filtering surface area within a compact dimensioned unit. Consequently, the high-efficiency filtration guarantees clean-air discharge to exceed environmental regulations and in some cases, allows purified air to be returned to the working environment.

Automatic cleaning by a reverse-pulse of compressed air maintains the filters in optimum working condition and reduces the level of maintenance and monitoring required, compared to other types of cleaning. Health and safety is critical where industrial processes expose employees to dust, powders, smoke or fumes and it is important that the correct airflows and capture designs are specified. In this way the toxic or nuisance pollutants are removed before entering the employees breathing zone and spreading throughout the working environment.

Egmont Air NZ offers a free on-site evaluation to assess your particular workshop and provide a solution for any dust or fume issue in manufacturing applications. The design of extraction systems is to enhance the manufacturing process by removing toxic or nuisance pollutants without interfering or restricting the process of work in operation.

A range of small and large dust collectors are available off-the-shelf to suit single machine extraction for individual saws and grinders and so on, or large multiple station systems are available that can be connected to a centralised ducting network for plasma cutting, welding, batch mixing, screening and other similar processes.

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