New Zealand company leads world with wireless recharging



The growth of wireless technology will bring changes to our living and work spaces as well as environmental gains.

In the 1970s New Zealand houses were built with one power point in each bedroom and perhaps two in the living room and kitchen, and offices were reticulated with similar ecomomy.

Since then we have seen the number of power points multiply in all these locations.

But now we are heading into the wireless age there will be another change, with many electrical items in the home and office powered via a wireless router, says PowerbyProxi Executive Chairman Greg Cross.

“Over the next 10 years wireless technology will increase in most homes,” Mr Cross says, “Wireless charging will permeate the home and business infrastructure.”

He is also bullish about the environmental gains from wireless recharging of batteries.

“These days most people buy ordinary batteries like AAs and throw them away when they go flat, and disposing of batteries is a significant environmental issue,” he says, “and not many people bother to use rechargeable batteries.”

The wireless recharging of batteries will counter this, and manufacturers will be marketing batteries with the required chip as a premium item with a longer life. Your child’s toy or blender will probably wear out before its battery does.