New Eva, Spider sign of A&G commitment

Design and process engineers have been all abuzz at A & G Price

Design and process engineers have been all abuzz at A & G Price

Design and process engineers have been all abuzz at A & G Price Limited following the purchase of two Artec-brand 3D scanners, according to A&G’s general manager, Nick Box.

To ensure maximisation usage on small detail as well as larger scanning capabilities, the company purchased Artec Eva and Spider scanners.

The Eva has a wide scanning field and 3D accuracy of 0.1mm and can scan items up to one metre from the scanner.

The Spider has a smaller scanning field with 3D accuracy of 0.03mm.

“The two scanners can be used in conjunction with each other to capture 3D data into a single STL file. The Eva is used to quickly capture the basic form of the 3D shape. The Spider is then used in areas that require higher definition or dimensional accuracy,” explains Mr Box.

The captured 3D model is rendered in real time on the PC screen and can be immediately sectioned or measure directly from the scanned data. The scanned 3D data can be imported into most 3D modelling systems such as Solid Works, which is used extensively in A&G’s foundry, machine and fabrication shops.

Alternatively, the scanned data can be sent directly to A&G’s 3D plastic printer for rapid prototyping and pattern work.

3D scanning allows the company to quickly ‘reverse engineer’ components including non-supported OEM items, break down or repair items.

This has led to vastly improved turnaround times for replacement items in the breakdown situation, with the company’s field sales engineers able to scan and capture measurements of components on site.

One field that is showing promise is the mining and quarry industries, these operators often have the only machine in the country which ties them to the standard OEM supplied wear parts.

“We are now scanning the components and modifying the working face to suit their particular requirements, we then router a 3D pattern in foam and cast the item.

This has allowed us a quicker turnaround time, no expensive up front pattern cost, more flexibility to explore alternative designs so if our customers’ requirements change in the future it’s only a matter of modifying the model and making a new casting,” says Mr Box.

Traditionally reverse engineering modelling of complex multi shaped and curved components is very difficult and time consuming, now we simply scan them and convert the model too solid works and produce shop drawings for manufacture. What was once a multiday job can take only a few hours.

Another benefit for our customers is required we can also use the scanners for “In Process” measurements of machined or fabricated items and final inspection of components within our Work Shops. This gives an accurate 3D model of the entire components instead of the traditionally checked machined areas.

There is no end to what can be scanned, if you have a sample we can scan it.

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