Modular filtration covers range of applications




Egmont Air has a new modular range of dust collection systems for filtering fine dust particles and powders.

Egmont Air has a new modular range of dust collection systems for filtering fine dust particles and powders.

Cartridge filtration technology can provide a guaranteed clean-air discharge for micron sized particles. Different media options such as fire-retardant, PTFE and anti-static cartridges mean they filter units can be specified for a large range of applications including; hot smoke and fume, oily smokes and dust particles, volatile powder and solvents etc.

In a recent project for fine volatile powder, an antistatic media was used to reduce possibility of static charge as well as many other safety features such as vertical-discharge explosion relief panels and Atex non-return valves for maximum protection.

The silter system captures the fine particulate at the source to prevent the powder from dispersing into the operators breathing zone or around the factory. This has provided a clean and safe workshop while ensuring that the operators breathing zone is protected.

The system is also very easy to maintain, with quick-release bins for collecting the residue powders and a fully automatic filter-cleaning system which provides continual cleaning of filters to maintain optimum filtering efficiency, filter condition and discharge air quality.

Egmont Air can also specify systems with an Eco-power saving device which controls fan speed and energy savings when various outlets are switched off.

A small 20 percent reduction in airflow will provide a large 50 percent power consumption saving, providing provides immediate payback to lean conscious manufacturing facilities.

Egmont Air, specialists in dust and fume extraction provide solutions for all dust and fume extraction applications including technical on-site evaluation of hazardous area and chemical processing situations. A full range of filters, bag-houses, dust collectors, fans, modular duct and flex is available in New Zealand.

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