Minimise Corrosion CostsWhen it comes to the field of asset management and engineering there are advantages of new opportunities and materials to improve asset performance and reliability in the face of a highly corrosive environment. Be the first to hear about new coatings techniques at the third Coatings and Corrosion Conference.

One such new opportunity to protect assets is to utilise microencapsulations in coatings. Microencapsulation is an advanced and well established technique for corrosion protection of metals but still has not received adequate attention from industries to date. There are benefits and challenges to using microencapsulations in coatings and Callaghan Innovation Group will be discussing their application in the New Zealand environment. Along with corrosion inhibition, microencapsulation can be used to enhance other performance properties of coatings such as mechanical strength, impermeability, aesthetic appearance and UV resistance.

Also in the programme is a case study on one of the most well-known new assets in the country. Te Ara I Whiti (The Light Path) took an old disused motorway offramp and turned it into a bright highlight in the maze of motorways making up Auckland’s Spaghetti Junction. Duncan Peters of Novare Consulting will discuss the state of the art corrosion protection on this iconic footbridge.

Fire protection is also an important focus for resilient assets. Passive Fire Protection will be covered in a separately bookable half day workshop giving delegates the opportunity to devote their time to practical instruction on ensuring structures can stand up against the heat from a fire.

Other speakers include International Paint, SGS, Callaghan Innovation, The University of Auckland and ICS-Inspection and Consultancy Services. This conference held August 28-29 in Auckland is surely not one to be missed, with a special price for central and local government asset managers.

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