Metco_Quadrant_dr-(1)Wellington-based Metco Engineering’s international reputation is something the company is extremely proud of says company director Paul Jessup.

“From Antarctica to China, we specialise in providing a complete five-star engineering package,” he says of the company that is able to do it all in-house – from initial consultation and concept design right through to the production and transportation of the finished product.

And since the Rt. Hon. John Key opened Metco’s newest premises last year, staff and management have made every post a winner and now provide a service level that they describe as second to none.

“The capabilities of our staff and equipment combined with the breadth of our services makes us unique and a market leader within our industry,” says Mr Jessup.

The mantra is simple: no job is too big.

And to keep strong to the philosophy, Metco Engineering makes sure it continually invests in its staff and equipment so that any job that enters its doors can be met with the necessary level of expertise to ensure customers’ expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Such investment in the future can be seen with the recent installation of the new Trumpf TruLaser 3030 laser cutting machine.

The machine is capable of unmanned, automated operation which results in a highly cost-effective production process. The state-of-the-art German machine has the capacity to cut steel up to 25mm thick, and with its automation Metco Engineering can have the unit run in long shifts.

It’s part of a full end-to-end sheet metal service.

“We provide intelligent manufacturing solutions,” says Mr Jessup. “Our philosophy is to create a partnership with our clients. We provide precision engineering but in a unique way which puts together the best of our client’s ideas with ours to create a ‘co-makership’ synergy.”

Mr Jessup believes collaborative partnerships are critical to the company’s success. He says that Metco’s relationship with Colin Brown and Aotea Machinery – through the supply of quality Trumpf machinery, service and advice – fits perfectly with internal standards and philosophies. It’s a case of ‘like’ doing business with ‘like’ working wonders.

The Trumpf machines fits in perfectly with the heights of quality that Metco sets itself.

The 4kWh TruLaser 3030 laser cutter with CO2 lasers combines high performance with cut quality that is of the highest standard. The TruFlow laser, which is robust and reliable, will create extremely smooth cutting edges that generally do not require post-processing. Due to compact machine dimensions and a simple operating concept, the TruLaser 3030 is the perfect overall package for the production of laser-cut parts – a perfect fit for Metco.

Because of this and other high spec machines, the company can create cost-efficient products using outside-the-square techniques that most haven’t thought of – “possibly at lower cost than China… without all the hassles”.

“We can fabricate any steel, aluminium, brass, copper, or plastic components to precise specifications. You’d be surprised at the consumer-grade finish we can achieve with our state-of-the-art fibre laser, paint line, process automation, and quality control system.”

By managing everything seamlessly in-house, Metco makes it easy and flexible for its clients to get the quantities they want… when they want and need them.

Today, the business is a far cry from where it began in 1971.

“With the right foundations in place of technology, processes, and know-how, the company is looking to grow its product diversity, production volumes, and client base,” says Mr Jessup.

“We are expanding its international market with a full service complement. We will continue to invest in cutting edge capabilities so that Metco offers a truly competitive edge in today’s engineering industry.”