Metals New Zealand forms under an initiative by HERA


On December 21 last year, the inaugural general meeting of Metals New Zealand was held with its rules being adopted and the required signatures collected for its registration as an incorporated society.

The new organisation will be officially launched by a Government minister at its first major event, the 2011 Metals New Zealand Industry Conference on the April 14 in Wellington.

The interim executive is in place and final executive will be determined when a membership drive has been completed.

Foundation organisational members have agreed to pay the annual subscription of $1000. They are Casting Technology NZ (CTNZ), Galvanising Association New Zealand (GANZ), Light Alloys Manufacturing New Zealand (LAMNZ), Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA), National Association of Steel-framed Housing (NASH), New Zealand Stainless Steel Development Association (NZSSDA), Steel Construction New Zealand and the Titanium Industry Development Association

A large corporate membership is expected via ordinary corporate membership and affiliate membership.

Ordinary corporate members pay an annual subscription of $500 and have the right to nominate representatives to the executive.

Examples of ordinary corporate foundation members include NZ Steel and OneSteel. Recruitment of executive members will be achieved through this membership category.

However, the majority of corporate members will most likely come via the affiliate member pathway through free membership of the members of existing organisations’ members – for example HERA or SCNZ members will be entitled to free affiliate membership.

So what are the additional individual benefits when there are already existing sector organisations such as HERA?

Ultimately, corporate members will benefit from a much stronger industry voice being provided by Metals New Zealand which carries the weight of multiple sector associations.

For this to be demonstrated, Metals NZ needs wider member representation.

So to be successful, it will need you, the members, to participate, and through the free affiliate member access option it is possible for all industry members to lend their voice.

Industry members also benefit indirectly through efficiency gains of the participating organisational members, as resources will be shared.

Metals New Zealand is not meant to supplant existing industry associations, but rather consolidate and focus their energies into one voice for the wider engineering industry, particularly to government but also to the global market.

You can download a Metals NZ membership form from the Metals NZ web site and sign up as either a free affiliate member or ordinary corporate member.

Who are we?

Metals New Zealand (Metals NZ) is an incorporated society serving the needs of New Zealand’s metals related industry.

Launched at the beginning of 2011, it consists of organisation members made up from metals-related industry associations, ordinary corporate members made up from key stakeholder companies and affiliate members, who are generally the members of the organisation members. Its executive consists largely of leaders of New Zealand’s major metals engineering organisations operating in the metals-based sectors.

The executive members are nominated by Metals NZ members because they are recognised as “captains of the industry”.

They offer their time to contribute to strategic thinking and planning; and believe, as leaders, that they have a responsibility to the industry and need to speak out on its behalf and also that of the wider community.

The Secretariat for Metals NZ is provided through the NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) with the HERA Director Dr. Wolfgang Scholz being the current secretary.

Our vision

Metals NZ is a pan-industry sector organisation whose vision is to position the industry to be a prosperous, vibrant, sustainable and socially responsible contributor to the New Zealand economy.

Our mission

Metals NZ will achieve this vision through advocacy and strategic leadership on issues thata ffect the entire metals engineering industry.

Our approach

The Metals NZ executive believes that through the co-ordinated effort of the many metals industry sector groups, the overall metals industry performance can be improved. Based on objective research, open dialogue and understanding of the interests of each of the sub-sectors, it is believed that sound industry policies can be developed and promoted. Joint activities such as the Metals Industry Conference, the Sustainable Steel Council, and shared administration and resources are delivering significant benefits for members and the industry as a whole.

Metals NZ will limit its activities to matters of specific relevance to the metals industry as a whole. It will co-operate with other industry and business development organisations on common issues.

Independence and funding

Metals NZ represents the interest of the NZ metals-related industry. It is, however, independent of any specific company or organisations’ interest. It is currently funded through membership contributions from sector organisations and companies.

Key initiatives

Metals NZ is currently working on the following initiatives:

• Industry position on government policies such as research and development, local industry participation, government position on sector development – currently inequitable.

• Sustainability of metal products

• Threats from imported metal products

• Developing projects of national significance – ANZAC Centenary Bridge, Marine Energy Centre and Geothermal Industry cluster.