Matrox claims bandwidth breakthrough


The Matrox Avio F125 Apcon

Matrox Graphics says its Avio KVM extenders are compatible with Apcon IntellaPatch® Series 3000 XE network switches, supporting10Gbps, and form the world’s highest bandwidth KVM extension and switching solution.

With this new digital matrix switch solution, users will benefit from superior performance through 10Gbps link connectivity. Cabling complexity and cost is also minimised due to single cable per desktop configurations and leading switch-to-desktop density.

Avio takes advantage of the full bandwidth available in 10Gbps SFP+ transceivers to transmit two uncompressed HD video signals, USB keyboard and mouse, USB 2.0 devices, and stereo analog audio over a single fibre-optic duplex LC-LC cable. Once each workstation is connected to its own port on the IntellaPatch XE switch, administrators can use the Apcon software interface to easily route a workstation or server to a remote location.

The combined Matrox-Apcon solution allows users to take advantage of 10Gb throughput, with significant capacity to support up to 143 desktops per chassis from a remote user location.

“With a 10Gbps fibre-optic infrastructure, Avio extends a broad-range of signals over large distances, maintaining system performance and allowing the centralisation of systems without compromising user experience,” says Matrox business development manager Caroline Injoyan.

“Avio’s compatibility with IntellaPatch Series 3000 switches is key to allowing users to easily address all their switching, distance, security, and safety requirements.”

Apcon Graphics develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support IT traffic analysis, and streamline IT network management and security. The company is an industry leader for state-of-the-art IT data aggregation, filtering, and network switching products, as well as leading edge management-software support. Organizations in over 50 countries currently depend on Apcon solutions in their network infrastructures.

Avio F120 and F125 KVM extenders let users run remote desktops without compromising graphics performance through the uncompressed, high bandwidth transmission of digital content. Consisting of a transmitter at the workstation and a receiver at the remote user location, Avio extends a desktop with its keyboard, mouse, and peripherals by up to 4km. System background noise is consequently eliminated in the work area, enhancing operator efficiency, with all equipment centralised in a climate-controlled machine room for improved security and easier system maintenance.

The IntellaPatch Series 3000 extended capacity network switch is a high capacity network monitoring aggregation switch that supports connections up to 40Gbps including the 10Gbps connection rate supporting the Avio solution. Its modular design delivers flexibility in configurations while delivering leading reliability with redundant controllers with automatic failover, hot-swappable controllers, power supplies transceivers, optics and fan assemblies.

The IntellaPatch Series 3000 XE is also managed through Apcon’s leading and intuitive management system, WebX.