Masterbond offers two new specialised epoxy gels


Applying Masterbond Super Gel 9

Master Bond Super Gel 9 is a urethane modified epoxy gel suitable for a variety of applications, including the encapsulation of sensitive electronic parts and sealing optical components.

This multifunctional gel is widely used in the aerospace, electronic, optical, electro-optical and other specialty industries.

Super Gel 9 has an exceptionally low Shore A hardness of about 5 to 10. This softness allows it to be easily repairable, making it ideal for retrieving components with a sharp knife or razor blade. It will not shatter during this process. These properties also enable Super Gel 9 to withstand rigorous thermal cycling and thermal/mechanical shock.

This product has a 2:1 mix ratio by weight or volume, along with a low viscosity and exotherm enabling it to be cast in larger sections up to 8 to 12mm thick.

Super Gel 9 bonds well to an array of substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics and many rubbers and plastics. It has a long working life of 7 to 9 hours depending on the mass that is mixed (the smaller the mass, the longer the working life). It resists many chemicals including water, oils and fuels.

The service temperature range is -73°C to 93°C. Super Gel 9 is available in pints, quarts, gallons, five gallon container kits and gun dispensers.

Master Bond UV25

Suitable for high production applications, Master Bond UV25 offers fast fixture times, rapid curing and high-temperature resistance.

This multifunctional one-component UV curable system was developed for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. It is widely used in aerospace, fibre-optic, optical, electronic and related industries.

Master Bond UV25’s most notable feature is its thermal stability, with a glass transition temperature of 186°C. It is serviceable over the broad range of -51°C to 260°C. Additionally, this material is optically clear with a refractive index of 1.55 at room temperature.

Upon exposure to a UV light source emitting at a wavelength of 320 to 365 nm with an energy output of 20 to 40 milliwatts per cm UV25 cures in 20 to 30 seconds. The rate of cure also depends upon the compound’s distance from the light source, the thickness of the section and the intensity of the light source. It is not oxygen inhibited and therefore does not require any special treatment in that regard.

The product does not contain any solvents or volatiles and features low shrinkage upon curing. It bonds well to glass, surface treated metals and plastics such as polycarbonates and acrylics, among others.

When being used in potting applications, this system can cure in section up to 0.100 to 0.120 inches. At room temperature, UV25 has a moderate viscosity of 7,000 to 11,000 cps. It is also a competent electrical insulator.

UV25 can be stored for up to 6 months in its original, unopened containers with no exposure to light. It is available in syringes, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers.