Luxion refines and boosts Keyshot


Luxion has released KeyShot 4, the next generation of Luxion’s ground breaking rendering and animation solution.

This release builds on the integration and accuracy that sets KeyShot apart from other rendering solutions – allowing designers, engineer, marketing professionals, CGI artists, and photographers to create stunning renderings, animations and interactive visuals even faster than ever before.

New approaches to features and greatly improved rendering enhancements make KeyShot the fastest, most accurate 3D rendering an animation system for the product visual workflow, Luxion says.

New 'Live Linking' capability allows Creo®, SolidWorks®, and Rhinoceros users to maintain all part and feature updates made to their models without having to redo any of their work inside KeyShot.

Luxion introduces an all new method for applying physical lights, with the ability to turn any object in the scene into a point, area or IES light source. Improved import options give users more flexibility when importing 3D geometry and the ability to work with the actual units of their modeling software.

Additionally, users gain the advantage of increased colour options through the inclusion of Pantone®, RAL and custom colour libraries to create, store and share their own colour creations.

More material options come with an exclusive partnership with Mold-tech® introducing the first accuraterepresentationsof Mold-Tech textures. More realism is seen with improvedalgorithmsfor subsurface light scattering within Translucent materials. Increased control over the model and environment is provided with the ability to apply rounded edges to sharp corners, multi-select objects in the real-time window and create ground planes.

KeyShot Pro users now have the ability to apply render layers to objects and create Model or View Sets to explore different configurations of product appearances, camera views and environments. Pro users will also experience enhanced HDR editing capability with dynamic environment highlighting and options to tilt and blur HDRI's.

The KeyShot user interface now comes with the ability to dock project, library and animation windows. Optionally, models can now be viewed in full stereoscopic 3D on supported 3D monitors, with the use of any stereo-capable graphics card.

Luxion has developed the ability to connect Creo®, SolidWorks® and Rhinoceros 3D modeling applications with KeyShot in a live session. With this enhancement, users will be able to make a change to the design at any level and send it directly to a running session of KeyShot.

The scene inside KeyShot will update automatically and either replace the existing design or add the new design iteration to the existing scene. Live Linking will be included as part of each plugin for KeyShot and can be accessed from the 3D software menu or toolbar area with a single click that transfers the updated SolidWorks model to the KeyShot session.

This capability requires a separate plugin which is available free of charge from the KeyShot website.

KeyShot introduces a new approach to creating physical light sources. Import preset studio light models, primitives or any 3D data and turn it into a light with KeyShot light materials. Light materials are easy to apply. Simply double-click on the object and, from the 'Type' pulldown, select Point Light Diffuse, Point Light IES Profile or Area Light Diffuse to apply.

Since the light materials are applied to objects, lights may be moved, animated or positioned with all visual changes in the scene updating in real time.

KeyShot 4 brings in more options to import data accurately and keep the geometry updated throughout the product development workflow. Users have the choice of keeping the original size, units and location of the model, adjusting the environment to match.

In addition, updates to the model can be applied from the 3D modelling software with a click of a button, while maintaining all materials and animations.