Loctite Offers ‘The Best’ Engineering Sealants, Adhesives and Coatings


Described as the worldwide leader when it comes to engineering sealants, adhesives and coatings, the Loctite brand, part of Henkel since 1997, is renowned for the excellence of all its products.loctite

Since the original development of a unique anaerobic technology more than 50 years ago, Loctite products have become vital components in many of the machines and products that are at the core of everyday life.

Loctite manufactures a technically advanced range of products that are developed to help speed up manufacturing, improve quality and reduce costs.

It offers solutions for industrial production, industrial maintenance and repair. Key Loctite applications in the New Zealand market include thread locking, thread sealing, gasketing, instant bonding, structural bonding, lubrication, surface treatment and cleaning.

Loctite is distributed by Shuk Engineering Distributors Ltd, a company that offers you professional industrial adhesives, sealants and dosing systems as well as complete system solutions.