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Caliber Design is a consultancy that provides project-based mechanical design engineering services. including project engineering and mechatronics. Our team of 30+ highly skilled and experienced engineers are based in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. They work on-site with clients on a project-by-project basis, this means our clients can up-size their team with the exact skills they need, when they need them.

Project-based resourcing enables our clients to operate at peak efficiency. With Caliber resources they can reduce their risk, overheads, and recruitment costs. They can also plan effectively when tendering for work, knowing that additional resource is available when required.

NZ businesses are delivering exciting solutions on the global stage and Caliber are proud to work alongside them. Our experience spans multiple industries, including Aerospace, Food processing, Materials/food handling, Manufacturing, Packaging, Marine, and Agriculture.

Shortage of resources? Looming deadline? Skill requirement? FEA? Caliber Design has talented engineers that can help.

General Manager
Wayne Le Sueur
Marketing Contact
Mel Opie
Business Development Manager
Julie Hoareau

597 Rosebank Road
Auckland 1026
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 71084
Auckland 1348
New Zealand

Christchurch Branch
Branch Location

41C Birmingham Drive
New Zealand

Jonathan Prince, Director


Branch Postal Address

PO Box 29488
Christchurch 8440
New Zealand

Hamilton Branch
Branch Location

Waikato Innovation Park First Floor Gallagher Core Facilities Building 1 Melody Lane
New Zealand

Marcel Kamp, Waikato Regional Manager

07 949 8899
021 0850 4275

Branch Postal Address

Waikato Innovation Park First Floor Gallagher Core Facilities Building 1 Melody Lane
Hamilton East
Hamilton 3216
New Zealand