Leading the forge


Hi-light architectural screens

With more than 40 years in the industry, the Webforge Group specialises in the manufacture to national and international standards of steel grating, FRP and expanded metal meshes and aluminium sunscreen systems, as well as galvanising services.

Webforge has today complimented its core access systems business with civil products, architectural sunscreens, safety barriers and engineering and construction.

Plus, an in-house engineering service to support its wide product range that includes cost-effective design and installation to suit whatever complexity or size of projects.


In New Zealand, the company was established in 1970 to produce welded grating and years later set up a hot dip galvanising plant to service the local market.

Webforge NZ has since been a leading producer of forge welded grating in the country and has been involved in providing such product to almost all projects that require grating throughout Aotearoa due to its reputed quality of product and service, as well as short lead time.

  • Monowills handrailing system is an economical, strong and simple form of handrailing that can be for industrial, commercial, municipal and general applications that include bridges, schools, fire escapes, power stations, stairways and marinas. Its unique design also allows it to be transported and set up swiftly at a low cost
  • Aluminium grating has grown from what was an option to mild steel products catering to different environment requirements, to a product that offers a distinctive and versatile design element now featured on a number of leading edge projects. It provides access to a building while being integrated into the overall design of the building
  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating is a moulded, one-piece fibreglass reinforced plastic grating available in standard panels or fabricated into panels of the shape required to fit a floor. FRP grating is a low cost solution for both access options and drainage in harsh chemical areas. With a high resistance to a large number of chemicals, FRP is extensively used in the petrochemical industry and also in food processing plants
  • Animal grating with two types of fl ors appropriate for livestock: (1) webstock, which has been primarily developed for use in piggeries, but is also perfectly suited for sheep shearing sheds or dairies due to its high-load capacity and easy-to-clean feature; and (2) webforge, the standard range of grating used in industry modified to bring the bars closer together for underfoot security required by livestock.

Expanded metal application

Industrial products

  • Industrial mesh is an expanded metal wherein one continuous single sheet of mesh is produced when a flat metal plate is sheared and stretched, but is left intact at the ‘knuckles’. It is available in a variety of thicknesses with differing sizes and designs of the apertures
  • Comfort flooring is a recently launched product particularly designed for areas where comfort and safety are of the utmost importance, thus suitable for wheelchair access and pedestrians. It can be plain or galvanised
  • Perforated metal is sheet metal with round, square, diamond, or rectangular perforations that is used in screens, filters, guards, facades, shelving, baking trays and acoustic applications.

A Webforge steel grating and monowills handrails

Civil products

Webforge offers a complete range of mild steel grates and ductile iron access covers in accordance with the load and permanent set requirements specified in AS3996-1992, with conformance certificates available upon request. Custom manufacturing mild steel grates and frames can also be provided if required.

Galvanising service

Webforge NZ Ltd’s Hot Dip Galvanising plant services a strong customer base throughout NZ, with the expertise to complete large structural and infrastructure projects right down to a small garden gate.

  • Guaranteed compliance with the AS/NZS 4680 (2006) Standards (Members of GANZ, SCNZ & GAA) and proficient staff
  • Document control including test certificates, quality and delivery documents
  • Project management capabilities
  • Design consultationWebforge
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Logistics
  • On time the first time
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Strong brand name
  • Access to wider range of products through sister companies in the Valmont Group
  • Grating, handrail, expanded metal, crash barrier, lighting poles, transmission towers
  • OHS and environmental compliance to national and international standards

Architectural products

For over two decades Hi-Light Industries has been spearheading the design, production, and installation of aluminium sunscreen systems that protect buildings and occupants from heat, glare, sunlight and reflected light of the harsh Australian sun. Hi-Light sunscreen panels are lightweight, good-looking, low maintenance and versatile.