IPC soldering training at Fuel Systems


A proud group of Fuel Systems employees after the training. Managing director Richard Coxon says the benefi ts of providing this in-house training will be transferred to the customer with faster throughput, higher quality workmanship and effi ciency. Left to right, Front: Gemma Donghi, Kathy Tasker, Corie Gray. Second row: Dianne Chase, KerriAnne Rangi, Karlea Haigh, Cheryl Hainsworth, Nicole Robertson. Third row: Greg Bradley, Wendy Cole, Judith Spring, Carolyn Boyd, Galen Bergersen, Carol Rees, Erica Berry. Back row:: Bradley Pearson, Liam Cody, John Jones, Andrew Barnett, Hayden Rowe, Scott Hunter, Andrea Crosswell, Ray Hemopo

Delivering innovative benefits to contract manufacturing clients is the key driver behind Gallagher Fuel System’s new employee training programme in IPC soldering.

Formerly known as PEC, the Marton based company has aligned with parent company, Gallagher, meeting a key business objective to develop a global technology company which markets solutions for contract manufacturing and fuel systems as well as animal management and security.

To help create opportunities for the local facility 23 members of the operations team recently completed IPC Soldering Training learning advanced skills in industry approved techniques on Plated Through Hole and Surface Mount Technology rework, land and conductor repair.

Gallagher Fuel Systems managing director, Richard Coxon, says this training programme is the next step in developing innovative opportunities for contract manufacturing in New Zealand and Australia.

“We have the ability to make use of our in-house factory which is predominantly used for fuel pump manufacture. The training strengthens our knowledge of general requirements and practice damage free removal and replacement techniques for wires and terminals, through-hole components and surfacemount components.”

He says the benefits of providing this inhouse training will be transferred to the customer with faster throughput, higher quality workmanship and efficiency.

“It reinforces our expertise in the contract manufacturing industry and it ensures we have one of the most qualified soldering teams in the country.

“Staff are developing advanced skills for repairing PCBs, including conductor/land repair, lifted conductor/ land/pad repair and base material.”

Already thoroughly experienced in soldering techniques, the Gallagher employees are now Certified IPC Specialists in IPC-7711 Rework of Electronic Assemblies and IPC-7721 Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies.

The IPC-7711 is designed for soldered assembly rework – restoring PCB assemblies to their original drawings.

The IPC-7721 is designed for board repair – restoring a board’s functional capability.

Mr Coxon says the course has evolved from what was previously known as the High Reliability Hand Soldering (HRHS) and the training programme was delivered by Haydon Rowe, Gallagher’s in-house Certified IPC trainer.