International textile manufacturer launches lightweight second generation composite


TPreg, is a range of continuous thermoplastic pre-impregnated reinforcement material. It is a light and offers cost savings in large series production

Chomarat is launching TPreg: a continuous pre-impregnated thermoplastic reinforcement material, which was recognised for innovation in the thermoplastics category at the JEC awards in Paris this year.

TPreg is part of Chomarat’s C-PLY™ project Chomarat offers innovative solutions with TPreg, is a range of continuous thermoplastic pre-impregnated reinforcement. It is a light material, offers cost savings in large series production.

The TPreg range of products that complements the current OrganoSheet line, assembly of a continuous reinforcement and a thermoplastic resin. TPreg maintains Thermoplastic composites advantages: speed of conversion processes, little emission of volatile matter, thermoformability and recyclability

“TPreg is a conformable reinforcement that preserves perfect orientation of the fibres. It can be designed with a diversity of materials – carbon fibre, glass fibre and so on – and in different widths. With various impregnation levels in development, the range is suited to various production processes and opens up new technico-economic prospects for the market” says Chomarat R&D manager P Sanial.

“This new range finds applications in numerous sectors such as automotive or sports and leisure.”

Launched in 2011, the C-PLY Bi-Angle™ second-generation composites project under the leadership of Professor Tsai has demonstrated that an optimised design of composites makes it possible to obtain significant savings in weight (up to 30%).

Currently the working group is entering a new phase and is demonstrating that the use of C-PLY in a manufacturing phase with automated laying processes makes it possible to obtain productivity gains never obtained before.

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