Inline measurement of concentration in baths


The cleaning and rinsing as well as the coating or treatment of components and surfaces is in many industries an essential part of the process chain. In addition to the measurement of concentration and density, the phase inter-face detection as well as the monitoring of chemical reactions like polymerisation and crystallisation are typical applications for Senso Tech inline analysers.

SensoTech has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of inline analysis systems for process liquids for more than 20 years.

Its latest offering is the LiquiSonic® analyzer which monitors the concentration in cleaning and treatment baths for a quality-assured and efficient process control.

In cleaning baths, film and particulate contaminants are removed from components. In surface treatment baths, anti-corrosion coatings are applied or surfaces are cured by active substances.

For a need-based pre-blending of the bath chemicals from supplied concentrates with the solvent, a monitoring of the concentrations is necessary.

The SensoTech LiquiSonic analyser allows the control of the pre-mixture to be done directly in the bath or in a separate storage tank.

In the subsequent bath care the process documentation is of importance.

This provides a direct proof of compliance with quality-related parameters such as “bath concentration” and “bath temperature”, which are traceable and documented by LiquiSonic technology.

On the other hand, information about the bath concentration is used in the bath care for an automated replenishment of the cleaner or solvent to balance losses due to carryover or evaporation.

Measuring the bath concentration by the LiquiSonic sensor, the values will be sent via an analog output, digital fieldbus or network to the process control system that regulates the readjustment or change of the bath fluid.

The sensors consist entirely of stainless steel DIN 1.4571 and are installed preferably in the circulation pipe after the pump.

Using a flow adapter, the sensors can even be applied in minimal flow rates and pipe sizes. As process connection different flange variants like Clamp, DIN or ANSI are available. The optional version with remote electronics housing allows a space-saving integration of the sensor in cramped installation conditions.

Through the controller the measuring data are presented in a visual format, stored and prepared for analyses.

Special calculation methods and sophisticated sensor technologies enable reliable and precise measuring results even under the most difficult process conditions.

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