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Manufacturing profitability is increasingly driven by the efficiency of installed process control and industrial automation technology. Factory automation equipment ranges from thinking robots to remote management of energy resources to maximise, analyse and drive efficiency, to instruments for leak detection, to transmitters and controls that talk to your machines. Motors, drives and transmissions, electric and electronic controls instrumentation and switch gear form part of this growing sector in manufacturing automation.


Christchurch-based Design Energy is in somewhat of a unique situation. It has a product and service that most Kiwi businesses think they are too small for, but the stark reality is that if they put it in place they would forever wonder how they ever worked without it – robotic automation. Continue →
3D Printing

XPO ANNOUNCES PRINCIPLE SPONSORSHIP;  FINALISTS FOR EMEX 2018 It’s great to see that when you toss out an idea, even from the root of you being angry at the world – or in this case, someone bagging Kiwi ingenuity and highlighting skewed statistical analysation of it – that others can grab hold of a limb and help grow it, because they see merit. Continue →
Automation Greg Holster of Lincoln Electric gets quality face time with engineers

Greg Holster of Lincoln Electric gets quality face time with engineers “It just takes one, Greg,” CNC Direct’s David Thumath told me, at 2.30pm on day 1 of SouthMach17 in Christchurch. Continue →
Automation Talbot fires up the tech with FIVE AXIS ROBOTS

Talbot fires up the tech with SIX AXIS ROBOTS Kiwi company Talbot Technologies is an integrated technical plastics manufacturer and solution provider that works as a design, development and production partner across a wide range of industries, for companies across the globe. Continue →
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