Industrial Air Systems delivers benefits


National industrial rotary screw compressor supplier Industrial Air Systems NZ delivers benefits to your CNC machining process that will reduce the risk of an expensive breakdown and result in higher productivity while saving on operating expenses, through the installation of its Pneutech RS and RSCR integrated rotary screw compressors and aluminium air reticulation system.

Pneutech brings CNC benefits

Industrial Air Systems director says too often companies are installing expensive CNC machine tooling for highly productive or precision machining work and completely overlooking the need to provide a matching reliable, dry and clean compressed air supply that these machines are so dependent on.

A substandard or insufficient compressed air supply can lead to the spoiling of the machining process or worst still the breakdown of the CNC tool itself leading to very expensive repairs and costly downtime, when ultimately these units need to be kept in constant production for maximum yield and fast payback.

He says why risk coupling an old, worn out $1000 piston compressor to an air system that supplies air to CNC machinery worth $50,000, when it is such an integral part to its operation? You are asking for trouble. It’s like driving a Lamborghini performance car on worn out retread tyres. At the end of the day the vehicle will only go as far as the tyres do and most probably have an accident in the meantime!

Industrial Air Systems recommends that the simple installation of their quality Pneutech Rotary screw compressor and dryer packages will not only safeguard the system against any potential air contamination, but improve machining productivity while decreasing the compressed air operational costs.

The Pneutech RS and RSCR screw compressors bring a win-win-win benefit and an investment that CNC operators will not look back on. These renowned screw compressors offer the unique advantage of having a direct driven motor/air end transmission system – usually only found on much larger models, which greatly enhance their operating life, and saving on energy and maintenance costs.

With an oversized air-end and spinning at less than half the RPM of conventional belt driven screws, these units runs cooler, quieter and cleaner than most other models in the industry and with less moving and wearing parts, these compressors can be very easily serviced by the operator.

A smaller oil reticulation system enables the screw compressor to run in stop/start or continuous on-load/off-load modes, depending on the going work load, for optimising energy efficiencies and reducing unnecessary wear. This means the compressor’s operational programme can be customised to suit every compressed air environment within its output capacity.

Industrial air reticulation saves thousands

One area many factories operating a compressed air system overlook is the crucial need for an effective and efficient air reticulation or pipe system.

It’s one thing to have a correctly sized air compressor, but if the pipe to transport the air supply is too small, or contaminated with oil, the actual air delivery will not match the compressor output.

The key to an effective and efficient compressed air system is to keep the operating pressure to an absolute minimum, while providing for maximum air volume.

A well thought out compressed air piping system can not only transport the air while keeping it clean and dry through correct installation and positioning of condensate drains, but it can also lead to the saving of thousands of dollars annually in operational costs as the compressor can work at lower air pressures, reducing the energy consumption substantially.

Industrial Air System’s aluminium piping system offers the ultimate air reticulation solution for any compressed air set-up bringing the best of both worlds – economy and efficiency.

Incorporating easy-to-hang 4m lightweight pipe lengths and reusable push-lock nylon fittings, this aluminium system can be quickly erected by a single installer, and being so rigid, the piping requires only minimum support and allows for no water-collecting sags.

With an ultra-smooth internal finish and very fine wall thickness, the piping facilitates optimum air delivery at minimal operating pressures, which takes the load off the compressor and resulting power and maintenance bills.

Industrial Air Systems director says: “The brilliant features of our aluminium air piping are that you get the quality characteristics of steel and poly piping all in one; it is inexpensive and easy to install; and can be re-used at any point down the track. Once people have tried the aluminium air piping, they never ever go back to traditional galvanised, black pipe or poly pipe – our aluminium is superior in every respect”.