High accuracy leak testing



Engineers seeking leak detection equipment that can be custom configured without added costs can look to a competitively priced leak and flow tester from Uson.

The Optima vT includes one or two test channels with four sensors each, totally customisable pneumatics, multiple built-in automated calculators, myriad data handling and storage options.

“You want production speed on the order of a million parts a year including highly accurate and multiple tests? We can configure the Optima to be that throughput king. You want a variety of tests done in sequence such as a pressure decay followed by a series of fl ow tests in different ranges? That is doable too,” says Uson technical specialist Joe Pustka.

“Add in custom pneumatic configurations allowing you to select best-match regulators, valves and additional sensors plus a wide range of built-in automated calculators such as those used for temperature compensation or total leakage calculators that can eliminate needs for added test sequences and other built-in math and you have the most versatile leak detector design ever released,” he says.

Uson first developed high accuracy leak testing methods for NASA and since 1963 has been at the forefront of leak detection, leak testing, and non-destructive testing.

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