Haco signs up CNC Direct as its sole agent in NZ


By Romy Udanga

The agency comes on the heel of CNC Direct’s successful representation of FatHaco, a member of the Belgium-based Haco Group, and an internationally renowned CNC machine dealer and manufacturer.

Haco Australia managing director Kurt Bossuyt says CNC Direct was chosen from among other distributors because “we wanted a company that was in our opinion motivated to grow Haco’s market in New Zealand. CNC Direct has proved this with the successful distribution of FatHaco lathes. While FatHaco is part of the Haco Group, its product line is not distributed by Haco Australia”.

Mr Bossuyt is a member of the team that evaluated prospective agents for the New Zealand market. “I had a look at a few other agents and spoken to some of CNC Direct’s customers who said they were satisfied with the way CNC Direct takes on the business, from sales to service,” he says.

CNC Direct will initially concentrate on sheetmetal fabrication equipment, primarily CNC brake presses, CNC plasma cutting machines and CNC turret punching machines. However, it is authorised to distribute Haco’s range of machinery, including machining centres, turning machines, guillotines, drilling machines, laser marking and cutting machines and hot air generators. It also provides software solutions.

Haco’s Euromaster, Synchromaster, and Blue Line range of press brakes has been developed as modern pressbrakes with electronic synchro-levelling and depth control in combination with a number of flexible and user-friendly CNC controls at the choice of the customer. They are executed with minimum 3-axis, including a standard high speed backgauge and 2-axis ram control, but can be upgraded to full 12-axis machines.

Mr Bossuyt says that today’s strict requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speed have led to an increasing demand for automated bending systems or robot bending systems. “For several years now, Haco has improved upon its unique approach to automated bending. Thanks to thorough innovations in software and hardware, a robot bending cell can now provide you with maximum precision, productivity and cost-effectiveness. But there are many more advantages to automated metal working,” he explains.

The Haco Series Q5 CNC punching machines converts the workshop into one with the highest productivity and flexibility that can be achieved with a CNC sheetmetal machine. Customer demands for shorter turnarounds, faster deliveries, higher part quality and lower costs have increased in the 21st century. They have driven manufacturers to rethink the whole punching process. With an innovative versatility in the latest punching technologies, fabricators can not only reduce punching costs but also reduce the price of the final product.

“That’s why HACO came up with the Q Series punching solution that could address these and other needs,” Mr Bossuyt says. With 22 or 30 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, rotation axis for all tools, and standard interpolation parameters, the Haco series Q5 is the perfect and most flexible CNC turret punching machine. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders allow for standard sheet sizes to be processed easily.

Mr Bossuyt says CNC Direct will not only distribute equipment and consumables but will also provide after-sales service in cooperation with Haco Australia. “We have a dedicated service team that will fly to New Zealand if needed. It is actually cheaper to fly from Melbourne to Auckland than to fly to Perth. On top of that we also provide online service from our offices in Perth, Melbourne and Belgium,” he says.

He believes that the market in New Zealand is picking up again, slowly but steady. “We want to be ready to go with CNC Direct as our representative.”

CNC Direct director David Thumath says his company has not been involved with the sales of fabrication machinery before but he is “pleased that Haco trusts that we understand the quality of the mainly European-manufactured machinery they produce”.