Trusted to Deliver – Gresswell Safety Valves


Wherever there is a risk of a dangerous over-pressure event, you will probably find Gresswell relief valves. Since the 1930’s Gresswell has been designing and manufacturing safety valves to suit a wide range of pressure systems.

Over the years, their quality, safety and reliability has been put to the test in a variety of aggressive environments where the threat of over-pressure is potentially lethal.

Gresswell valves are used in diverse applications such as boiler systems, pumps, enclosed pressurised systems as well as in the shipping, oil and gas industries. Made in the UK, valves are produced in iron, bronze, brass and stainless steel.

All valves have CAT IV PED certification and CE Mark certification. They are factory tested and supplied pre-set and are available in 0.5Bar (7PSI) to 20.7 Bar (300 PSI). They are suitable for most liquid applications where a small discharge ensures the system’s safe pressure is not exceeded. Valves are suitable for steam, gases and vapour applications where a low discharge is suitable.

Gresswell has appointed Tecpro Australia to be the exclusive Australasian distributor.