Grinding Like a Master


New from Gameco Artisan Supplies and 84 Engineering comes the Shop Master 72-inch grinder.

Designed with the needs of serious knifemakers and steel fabricators in mind, this grinder has applications across a broad market and comes available in a variety of packages to suit individual needs, application and budget.

Capable of running all standard contact wheels mounted on quick change tooling mounts, the unit features 2×72-inch belt length, a 2Hp 1.5kW motor with variable speed drive (attaches with four screws), 8-inch / 210mm platen backing rotating platen able to accept 5-inch contact wheel without removing platen, slack belt, 2-inch and 3-inch contact wheels that are rubber coated wheels for smooth performance and great belt traction.

Other features include:

 Flat plane belt tracking for accurate belt alignment

 Easily assembled frame required metric Allen Key set and adjustable spanner or socket set

 2 tool arm slots

 Fixed work rest

 Protective spark guard

 Flips from vertical to horizontal with optional floor or bench stand

 Made in Australia

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