First call for sealing solutions of any kind


james_walkerSince 1936, James Walker New Zealand has been responding to the country’s need for high performance sealing solutions. With branches in Auckland and Christchurch and a country-wide technical support team, we service all industry sectors and locations.

We justifiably claim that our products span ocean depths to outer space. They also help tame nature’s forces with innovative sealing solutions for hydroelectric turbines, tidal barrages and wind turbines, as well as enhancing the safety and productivity of nuclear plant, jet aircraft, oil and gas production plus the manufacture of pharmaceutical, food and drink products.

But the vast majority of our output simply and effectively keeps the wheels of global industry turning year-in and year-out; the driving force behind our sealing solutions being to optimise operational costs for our customers by extending maintenance intervals, eliminating unscheduled downtime and improving plant reliability.

James Walker has a global reputation as a leader in elastomer and thermoplastic sealing materials and the creation of innovative seal engineering solutions using these materials plus compression packing and precision machined metallic components in high nickel alloys. In addition to this core range of fluid sealing products, here in New Zealand, we also offer a full design, manufacturing and reconditioning service for mechanical seals.

Whilst few of our competitors can match our broad product range, none can match our people, their expertise, knowledge and their real-world applications experience from thousands of projects across virtually every industrial sector, which makes James Walker the first call for sealing solutions of any kind.