First Break SG Metals has re-signed a long-term partnership contract with HamiltonJet for its total supply of stainless material.

First Break SG Metals has re-signed a long-term partnership contract with HamiltonJet for its total supply of stainless material.

First Break SG Metals has re-signed a long-term partnership contract with HamiltonJet for its total supply of stainless material. Against stiff international competition from Mills in the United Kingdom directly competing for the supply, First Break SG Metals was successful at not only retaining the contract but also increasing the range of products and services supplied to HamiltonJet.

With over 50,000 waterjet units installed around the world, HamiltonJet represents the latest in waterjet propulsion technology. It is the preferred choice for the efficient propulsion of a wide range of high speed work and patrol boats, fast ferries, offshore crew boats, fire boats, fishing vessels, recreational and military craft.

First Break SG Metals is a joint-venture with Singapore listed company Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Ltd, a company that has been distributing stainless steel products throughout Asia for over 30 years.

The partnership has allowed First Break SG Metals access to world-class production mills and suppliers from Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and USA. It holds a comprehensive range of more than 4,000 stainless steel and duplex products supporting specific requirements of the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine construction, food processing and the ever-growing demand for sheet and plate in the dairy, wine and pulp and paper industries. All product supplied comes with mill certification.

First Break SG Metals has warehouses located at New Zealand’s two major international freight hubs – Auckland and Christchurch – and has forged strong relationships with key shipping lines and all the major airlines. It has its own dedicated logistics team in-house which cuts out major costs and paperwork, shortens lead times while improving overall customer security of supply. It ships ex-Singapore every 11 days and airfreights product on demand.

Strengths in offering:

• Cut to length sheet material

• Pipe and tube

• Flanges

• Fittings butt welded/forged

• Bars – various profiles

• Material blocking

• Centreless ground and polishing for main shafts, rams and valves

• Project management

First Break SG Metals specialises in the supply of austenitic (304, 316L & 310) and duplex (Duplex 2205 & Super Duplex 2507) stainless steel. The different grades or types of stainless steel have different physical properties and the selection of a particular type or grade depends on its intended use. Austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic and, in addition to chromium, contain a relatively higher percentage of nickel. This enhances its resistance to corrosion and heat treatment. It is one of the most widely used groups of stainless steel.

Grade 310 has the advantage of being able to withstand high temperatures, has good ductility and weldability, has oxidation resistance up to certain temperatures and therefore widely used in the oil and gas industry.

The Duplex grade of stainless steel has an improved strength over austenitic stainless steel as well as improved resistance to localised corrosion and is widely used in the oil and gas, petrochemical and marine industries.

Brent Paulsen, managing director of First Break SG Metals, is well known in New Zealand industry having entered the steel supply industry after 30 years in leadership roles specialising in metal cutting and manufacturing production. Having seen that material prices continue to rise each year and availably becoming scarce or having long lead times, Mr Paulsen saw an opportunity in the market for a company whose values were driven by customer needs, not multinational company budgets. Often bar wasn’t available in particular surface finishes and very few, if any, steel suppliers offered full 5PL logistics and warehousing with direct cut-to-length shipments to machine tools on the shop floor.

Mr Paulsen says, “We are excited about combining our strengths in technical support and logistics with our customers nationwide and being a positive contributor to mutual growth and prosperity.”

Adding to the viability of First Break SG Metals operation are two sister companies: First Break Mining and Larboard International Logistics.

First Break Mining is a technical support services company to the mining and construction industry in New Zealand, specialising in the supply and support of Atlas Copco drilling, transportation, crushing and screening equipment for underground and above ground applications. The company provides a hands-on approach with a deep knowledge and understanding of how to best support customers’ day-to-day operations.

Larboard International Logistics has the specialist expertise to ensure world-wide delivery and importation of large, bulky freight – such as steel shipments and mining equipment. With offices in Auckland and Christchurch, both right next to the international airport, they can support local customers throughout New Zealand, as well as handling final delivery for overseas customers.

A key component of all the companies, is the desire to be a partner in their customers’ operations, looking to understand the key logistical requirements and ensuring the right product is delivered to the right location at the right time.