Fibre optic connectors for robotics



MIXO's new insert allows the use of contacts for fibre optic and contacts for coaxial cables.

To protect against electromagnetic interference and for the realisation of galvanic separations on BUS applications of PROFINET/Ethernet fields, solutions with optical fibres are recommended.

Fibre optic connectors are many industrial applications, particularly, modern railway vehicles, converters, wind energy, naval equipments and robots.

The new connectors can be used in applications from -40 degrees Celsius up to +85 degrees Celsius even in case of frequent temperature variability.

Inserts can be mounted in CX. TF/TM frames and in the relative enclosures for industrial applications to achieve IP65/66/68/69K degree of protection – according to required versions.

The realisation of mixed connectors electrical/optical are also possible.

The MIXO series is supplemented with a new, high density, 25 poles insert.

The new module can be used simultaneously with other MIXO modules, since it is provided with lock tabs between the inserts, which distinguish the ILME MIXO series for its easy installation.

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