FAG top-laser Equilign reduces total cost of ownership

FAG Top-Laser Equilign optimises shaft alignment to achieve better cost-effectiveness of assets

FAG Top-Laser Equilign optimises shaft alignment to achieve better cost-effectiveness of assets

FAG Top-Laser Equilign optimises shaft alignment to achieve better cost-effectiveness of assets

An advanced handheld laser optical alignment device from Schaeffler Australia enables faster, easier alignment of shafts in rotating equipment such as fans, motors, pumps, gearboxes, ventilators and compressors.

Schaeffler’s FAG top-laser Equilign is a precision alignment tool which saves on resources, reduces wear and energy costs, and will increase the lifetime of plant machinery.

The technology – featuring stand-alone operation, Pruftechnik architecture, and onboard report generation – reduces alignments to half the time typically taken by the outdated or obsolete shaft laser types it supersedes.

Compact, extremely rugged, and easy-to-use, Equilign guides users step-by-step through the measurement process until correct shaft alignment is achieved of coupled, uncoupled, non-rotatable and even large diameter shafts with couplings installed. The laser beam can transmit over a distance of five metres.

Graphical operating instructions and an intuitive auto-flow function ensure that all maintenance technicians can use the device, regardless of their skills or experience. Results are easily interpreted and no additional software is required for reporting.

The correct alignment of coupled and uncoupled shafts is critical in order to achieve high efficiency and reliability of rotating equipment used extensively by industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, processing, materials handling, mining, pulp, paper, primary production, oil and gas, power generation, steel, metal fabrication, workshop maintenance, water, waste water and infrastructure sites.

“Approximately 20 percent of rotating equipment throughout industry is incorrectly aligned,” says Mark Ciechanowicz, industrial services manager, Schaeffler Australia, which is part of the global Schaeffler Group.

“A correctly aligned shaft means less friction and vibration generated by the drive system, which means less wear on belts, pulleys, bearings and seals,” says Mr Ciechanowicz. “This means the running time and reliability of rotating machinery is increased, energy costs are kept to a minimum and overall plant efficiency is improved.”

FAG Top-Laser Equilign is waterproof and contamination-resistant (protected to IP67), which means plant and maintenance engineers can use the device in harsh industrial environments. The device, utilising graphical user interface, is powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries and is ready-to-use at all times, with its screen easy to view in direct sunlight, such as conditions encountered on resources and infrastructure sites. Even in poor light conditions, an integral light meter automatically adapts the brightness of the display to suit the environment. The TFT transmissive LCD display provides excellent viewing indoors

The device is compact and easy to carry, weighing just 800g. An ergonomic design also allows the user to operate the device using both thumbs.

It features a reliable real time display that indicates any horizontal or vertical movements during alignment. Up to 50 measurement files can be stored directly on the device or transferred to a computer via USB drive. Even if operation is interrupted, the measurement data is automatically secured and the process can be continued later without any problems.

Measurement data can be output in metric or imperial units. Users can also select from 20 available languages. The device is supplied with a practical carry case and a range of accessories including mounting brackets, reflector, chains, posts and batteries.

In addition, a set of 360 shims (20 shims in three sizes and six thicknesses) and a withdrawal tool is available for eliminating vertical misalignment and ‘soft foot’. An accessory kit is also available for larger shaft diameters or coupling heights, which includes various sizes of posts and chains, as well as magnetic holders.