Europress: How to get more work done with less effort



It is often asked, how can I cut costs? How can I get the job done quicker? Leading Europress technology has an answer.

It is often asked, how can I cut costs? How can I get the job done quicker? Leading Europress technology has an answer.

It is often asked, how can I cut costs? How can I get the job done quicker? Leading Europress technology has an answer.

Engineers and maintenance workers in many industries, including marine services and off-shore oil and gas exploration companies are experiencing the unparalleled benefits Europress has to offer. Frequently used for fuel, oil, and water transfer lines, the Europress 316 stainless steel press fit system allows installers to do more work with less effort in a shorter timeframe… the dream of any business owner, project manager, and employee.

Europress is calculated to be up to 10 times faster to install than traditional welded pipe systems because you simply push the pipe into the fitting and using an 18V battery operated tool, press the join as opposed to the much slower welding method. Each join takes on average only 8-12 seconds depending on the size of the tube. This significantly reduces the labour content for both new installations and maintenance work and can result in a remarkable saving of up to 30 percent on a project.

An impressed installer who successfully used Europress in a wash down system said “I allowed eight days for the installation and had the job done in four days with only two people working on it.”

Further savings can be realised with Europress as there are no welding gases or consumables required. Along with the speed, the ease of installation, the simple push and press process is very appealing to engineers for maintenance work as joins can be pressed wet or dry meaning a pipeline doesn’t need to be completely drained before making an alteration to pipework.

Another benefit of the Europress system that engineers are constantly experiencing, across many industries including marine work, is the outstanding safety benefits offered by Europress. The tooling is lightweight and able to be transported in small carry cases. Rather than installers having to carry heavy bottles, hoses, power tools, generators, extension cords, pipe work can be installed with a battery powered pressing tool.

No gas, no naked flames mean installers can eliminate a lot of health and safety paperwork including hot work permits, a further time and cost saving. Another satisfied Europress installer commented, “Europress saved us time not only in the installation but with all the health and safety, my guys weren’t lugging heavy bottles, it was just a battery tool, we didn’t have to do a lot of hot work paperwork because there was no flames, it’s easy.”

To further compliment these two unique benefits, the reliability of the Europress pipe system is such that it holds a 25 year manufacturer backed guarantee. This level of dependability is warranted with the inbuilt safety features on the pressing tool which ensure each press is the same every time, meaning no uncertainty of weld integrity. Furthermore, the 316L stainless pipe and fittings offer reliability looked for by installers, especially in the marine and food processing industry.

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