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Now more than ever, Engel offers its customers clear advantages, in terms of innovative injection moulding machines, automation, processing technology – and value for money!

K 2013 huge success for Engel Austria

K 2013 exceeds Engel Austria’s expectations. Spotlighting the topics of system integration and automation, Engel's total of 25 machine exhibits focused on the future buzz topics of the global injection moulding industry, attracting many new customers in the process. Visitors were excited above all about the new Engel CC 300 control unit generation, which takes the overall efficiency of the system to another dimension.

CC 300 control unit generation sets a new trend

The Engel booth in Hall 15 was well visited throughout the K show. Many trade fair visitors took this opportunity to try out the new control unit generation by Engel. They experienced a totally new control solution that still looked familiar at a first glance.

"Devices like our smartphones, which we use every day, acted as the role models for developing the user interface," reports Engel Austria chief executive Dr Peter Neumann. "At the same time, the central control element, e-move, helps us give a feel for the machine back to the operators. With this unique combination, the CC 300 sets a new trend for the entire industry."

As process integration and automation increases, the complexity of the production process rises, and this poses increasingly tough challenges for control technology. The more intuitive and convenient the control unit is, the more safely and efficiently the production system can work. "The control unit has become an important factor of efficiency in integrated and automated system solutions," Dr Neumann says.

Functions – customised and focused

The new CC 300 control unit allows injection moulding machines and manufacturing cells to be controlled according to tasks such as mould changing, or according to functions such as injecting. The information displayed concentrates on the essential.

The new central operating element (control wheel), which provides millimetre-precise accuracy and speed-sensitive control for movements, is called ‘e-move’. The clearly defined functions increase safety levels when sensitive movements are made and significantly reduce the risk of operation error. Simply pressing the intelligent operation button is enough to start the machine and to initiate various movement sequences.

Gerhard Dimmler, product research and development head at Engel Austria says, “With ‘e-move’ we are able to fulfil our customers' wish of making it easier to control injection moulding processes without reducing efficiency or safety levels. It has taken 'one-button-control' for injection moulding machines from being a vision to being reality.”

The complete integration of Engel viper linear robots and Engel easix multi-axis robots, which Engel will continue to use with all the products in its new generation of control units, also contributes to this. The entire manufacturing cell can be controlled and monitored centrally from the injection moulding machine's control panel. The CC 300 therefore offers efficiency-optimised interaction between the injection moulding machine and automation, reduces cycle times, and by doing this plays a crucial role in maximising competitiveness.

Ergonomics – individualised with higher safety levels

Seeing, feeling and adapting are key factors as far as ergonomic improvements are concerned on the new CC 300 controller. The new 21-inch full HD display, for example, is easier to read and also offers simpler and user-friendlier navigation.

The information and layout of the different screen pages can be adapted to suit the user's individual needs, and touch elements can be assigned different functions. The control panel automatically switches to the position which is best ergonomically suited for the individual operator when they log on.

Latest technologies – robust, fast and user-friendly

Thanks to capacitive touch technologies, the new CC 300 machine control unit can be operated as easily as a smartphone and is also just as quick to respond. Safety glass gives it a surface which remains robust and insensitive to dirt even in unfavourable environments.

The increasing degree of process integration and automation is constantly presenting plastics processors with new challenges. Acquiring ENGEL's new CC 300 control unit will ensure that they are as well-equipped as possible for the future and able to program, activate and monitor complex processes easily with outstanding precision and safety.

Engel viper – the powerful linear robot

Maximum stability, impressive dynamics and maximum user friendliness – the new ENGEL viper combines all of these things with ease. It saves weight thanks to its innovative design using laser-welded steel sections and convinces users with a substantially higher load-bearing capacity.

More efficiency thanks to intelligence

Thanks to clever software, the Viper Robot from ENGEL automatically reduces structure-borne vibration, even with longer axis dimensions, and optimises its movements and dynamic values to achieve better efficiency.

The impressive results: ultra-fast cycle times and maximum productivity accompanied by low energy consumption.

Light but powerful

Maximum stability and dynamic values despite a low weight and substantially improved manipulation weight. The innovative design using laser-welded steel sections makes this possible. Your economic advantage: smaller robots and lower cost of investment for high manipulation weights.

More Intelligence – More efficient

Clever software ensures faster cycle times, improved productivity and a longer working life due to gentler handling of mechanical components:

• ‘Mass identification’ identifies the manipulated mass ‘online’, adapts the dynamic values to match, and thus ensures optimised acceleration

• ‘Vibration control’ reduces structure-borne vibration, even for longer axis dimensions

• ‘Efficiency control’ optimises robot movements for maximum productivity while consuming very little energy.

Engel viper robot range

The Engel viper has met the mark. Its high performance capability and operating efficiencies have won over customers who would still have purchased it even without a new Engel machine.

Engel viper 6: 6 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 12: 12 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 20: 20 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 40: 40 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 60: 60 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 90: 90 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

Engel viper 120: 120 kg nominal load-bearing capacity

The Engel viper robots can be supplied on Engel injection moulding machines, or viper can be supplied for injection moulding machines from other manufacturers.

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