EMEX 2018 – a not to be missed edition!


EmexIn less than 12 weeks’ time, New Zealand’s leading Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology trade exhibition, EMEX, returns to Auckland and it’s set to be of a scale never seen in its almost 40 year history!

With over 160 National and International exhibiting companies in attendance showcasing the latest technology, innovative products and service solutions this year’s event is a guaranteed must attend.

Visitor Destinations:

  • Innovation Quarter: where the latest technology will showcased.
  • Employment & Training Hub: short and long term solutions for your workforce needs.
  • Work Safe Advisory Lounge: practical advice on workplace H & S

Topics at the Seminar Series:

  • How do NZ companies address the growing lack of skilled labour and succession problems?
  • What are we doing with regards to workplace health and safety and the need to improve our not so great record?
  • What does all this talk about Industry 4.0 and the IoT actually mean for you and your business?
  • Advanced Materials & High Tech Manufacturing. How to learn more and implement these.
  • Innovation is a fancy and very popular word but what qualifies as an innovative product? Who can help your business to become more innovative?

Register NOW! https://www.emex.co.nz/visitor-information/register/