Electronic hubodometer wins with accuracy and durability


Electronic hubodometer

By Phil Whyte

Local truck fleet owners can now buy the first electronic hubodometer approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

The Stemco DataTrac Pro has been specifically configured for local conditions and is exclusively manufactured for TATES New Zealand Ltd by Stemco in the USA.

Hubodometers have a hard life on New Zealand roads, and replacing them regularly is an ongoing significant cost for truck owners. However, durability along with accuracy are the Stemco’s big advantages over the mechanical hubos used on New Zealand heavy vehicles for decades, says TATES Manager John Johnson.

“This became apparent during TATES’ own trials, including two years in the Central North Island where the electronic hubos and mechanical hubos were fitted to the same trucks and trailers,” Mr Johnson said.

“During this time many of the mechanical hubos had to be replaced, but we didn’t have to replace one Stemco.

“Its accuracy derives from the fact it is electronic, and there are no moving parts.”

The Stemco DataTrac Pro also underwent stringent tests by NZTA during a period of six years to ensure it complies fully with New Zealand transport regulations. It was noted as being the most accurate Hubo tested.

The lack of moving parts ensures the Stemco’s accuracy and that it doesn’t suffer from the parts failures, misaligned mounting or any of the other problems associated with mechanical hobos. To prevent it being affected by dirty road conditions the Stemco has a watertight polycarbonate body.

It is battery powered, which is said to last for 10 years – there is a low battery alert. Anyone who has tried to read a mechanical hubo in the dark will appreciate the Stemco’s large digital display which on demand displays its distance, serial number or revolution per kilometre calibration.

The unit is fitted with a tamper proof microchip and can be calibrated to any tyre size. It is the same physical size as mechanical models and fits on a half inch UNF mounting stud.

“The market reception has been great, “Mr Johnson says, “and already we have some manufacturers fitting the Stemco as standard.”

The Stemco DataTrac Pro is available through TATES’ network of suppliers. The company is so confident of the durability of the new electronic hubo that is offering a five year/500,000km warranty.

For more information:

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