Dynaset range adds value to hydraulics


The sprayer arm is powered by the tractor’s hydraulics

Dynaset manufactures a wide range of industrial equipment powered by hydraulics. Its product range includes hydraulic welders, generators, electro-magnets, submersible pumps and high-pressure water pumps.

By using power from machines already equipped with hydraulic systems – such as excavators, bulldozers or tractors – the need for a separate power supply is eliminated. Without the need for an additional power source the equipment is more compact, lighter and requires less maintenance than a stand-alone unit.

Pacific Tech Imports is the New Zealand distributor for Dynaset.

“Dynaset products can be used as attachments,” Bob Charleston of Pacific Tech Imports said, “or they can be used when the machine is not drawing on its hydraulics, such as powering a welder.”

Dynaset’s hydraulic powered, high-pressure water pumps are compact, lightweight and have no rotating parts. Ranging from 90 Bar to 1600 Bar (23,000psi) they have a wide range of uses across many industries.

From dust suppression and wash-down facilities in the civil, construction, demolition and farming industries to pipe clearing, concrete cutting, tunnel hydro-scaling and stripping road-markings, Dynaset has a solution.

Its demolition dust suppression equipment uses a high-pressure mist to surround the jaws, bucket or drill, minimising the risk of nuisance dust escaping from site.

Dynaset is based in Finland and has twenty five years’ experience in hydraulic power systems. Its equipment is designed and built to withstand the harshest environments.

Pacific Text Imports has exclusive distribution rights and technical information for the Dynaset range as well as selected demonstration units.